big cheese V-Brake adaptor and Deore V-brakes

For sale: One lightly used Big Cheese V-brake adaptor complete with mounting hardware and Shimano Deore V-brakes and pads installed. New cable too.
Only $40 plus UPS ground if you are outside of Portland
I used this on my Coker for a while, but changed frames and brakes too.
If interested, it’s best to call me at 503-797-1663 or 503-282-5989
And I tried to attach an picture.

Did you use the hose clamps to attach it to the original coker frame?

Also does it come with a brake handle?

big cheese - n - v-brakes

Yes, the included hose clamps work on the stock coker frame and I also drilled my old frame crown for the center bolt (Also included)

No handle included. . . .The handle is a much more personal choice, depending on the style of handle-bar used. I used an old mountain bike lever that I bent a bit for that just right fit. Any lever set up for v-brakes should work with this set-up - or you can use other types of levers with a BMX style “travel agent” device that alters the pull geometry of the lever with a cable mounted lever device.