Big Bang - The Collab [Street Unicycling]

Here’s a collab from Jakob Flansberry, Hugo Duguay, Jacob Spera and myself!

Enjoy yall!

I love big street videos. Nice work Edmund.

Yeaaaa! That got me pumped to go ride, out the door I go!

Y’all say y’all up there? :slight_smile:

Fantastic riding on the big wheel

Awesome!, 24 wheel ftw

Why I haven’t seen it before. That’s a great portion of big street!

This video is the one that I keep linking to others. It’s one of the first few I found that inspired me to practice hopping. One of the reasons I bought my oracle was because of this video (read the comment sections).

I’m trying to do all that but on a 26". The jumps on some of those, especially the double set stairs, is mind blowing. So far I’ve only been able to hop up about a ft or ft and a half. I’m starting to get how to ride forward and hop too.

Big wheel street for the win!

You guys rock!

Just woke up today and I can’t get those hops off my mind. I downloaded your video and watched your steps over and over. I’m going to practice myself to death till I am able to do the forward hop!

I still don’t know how you’re able to get so much air. You use the hookworm tire. I recently switch my hookworm for the holy roller due to the roll weight but I might switch back now that I’m a bit more experienced. Maybe it’ll help give me a bit more bounce.

GROWWWWWWL!!! :angry: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Nate, just out of curiosity: are you “MadeAUsername” on Youtube? Somebody with that username commented on our rolling hop tutorial recently, and I thought the timing was strange.

Anyways, if you haven’t seen it, I think it could probably give you some useful tips, though it’s getting aged:

Briefly, I can say that a tire will not make a huge difference in your hopping, it’s really just practice. Once you can rolling hop fairly consistently, do them everywhere and over everything you cross during your rides. It will start with rocks, cracks on the pavement, eventually curbs then stairs.

Nope, my username on youtube is similar to my username here. But I checked out his favorites and he got a lot of interesting videos that I’m interested in as well. Maybe he’s part of the forum, I’ll ask him.

I got that video downloaded, I agree that is a very nicely explained video on hopping, the best I’ve seen on youtube. I’ve been very much admiring your jumps for a long time now.

I tried the hop but the issue is that I find it very hard exceeding what I can do now. Like with the normal vertical bunny hop, I’m pulling quite a bit and pushing down with quite a bit of weight and what feels like my limit and I’m only able to hop about a foot. I’m riding a 26 oracle. I just see some of your hops on your 24 and it just seems effortless, especially up curbs and some lower benches and so forth, but for me even when trying hard I can get a foot only, if that. Feels like I’m missing something important. Of course I’ll continue practicing.

I’m a bit confused about the PSI going into the tires as well. Before I lowered it to around 20, but it feels like the sidewall is folding over when I ride. I lowered it to that so I can get more bounce in order to hop higher, but now I’m told by the good folks on the forum that I should increase it for the safety of the ride, which I understand. Currently using Holy Roller 26 x 2.2 at 27-30 psi.

I like your video! Nice moves, great editing and music. 24" rocks!