Big Apple

I have just gotten back from my first ride on my new big apple tyre (28x2.35). It was just a short half hour ride down the lanes near work but it was a nice sunny autumn afternoon with a little breeze and dry roads.

It is a while since I have been out on my 28" and with the big tyre it took a little getting used to, I am sure I will get faster when I can relax a bit more. It was great … so smooth and stable compaired to the default tyre I had on it before (700x35).

I am sure that it was faster than the old tyre and the ride was greatly improved. I will have to experiment a bit with the pressures etc. but I am please with the results of this upgrade.

I got the tyre via my lbs who ordered it from fisher outdoor, it took a while to get here ( and the inner tube took even longer) - a total time of about 4 months !!

Will post pictures when I get home.


Re: Big Apple

Like you, I had the 700c x 35 as default and changed it after some
time for the same Big Apple. I run it at 2.5 bar (36 psi), I weigh 70
kg (154 lbs).

You may now consider your unicycle to have graduated to a 29’er, it is
not a 28’er anymore!

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