Bifocal Lenses

Is anyone riding unicycles with glasses with bifocal lenses. (Gleitsichtbrille in German)
And what`s the experience.
Thanx Georg

I wear bifocals but admittedly my prescriptions are not that strong. I am not able to ride with my glasses on because it really throws off my eaualibrium. I may be ok with just my distance prescription but have not had a chance to try it because all my specs are bifocal. So I ride without my glasses and deal with my far away distance field being blurry.

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I ride with my bifocals and don’t find it a problem. I have a pair of Oakley flacks that they can’t add bifocals to because of the lens curvature that I ride in also but are only good for distance, problem is with them is I can’t read my phone if needed. I would think you would get used to it with the bifocals but I learned to ride wearing glasses so it may vary.

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I ride with my Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ bifocals. They have the Oakley “golf” bifocal prescription lenses with Transitions tint coating, so they go dark outside, but turn clear inside.

If anyone is interested in getting their Oakley frames set up with Oakley prescription bifocal lenses, please PM me, and I will ask my eye doctor exactly what was ordered from Oakley, and how they wrote the prescription when it was sent to Oakley. No one else was able to make prescription lenses for my Oakley Flak Jackets, except Oakley. They have a proprietary system that allows them to make the very curved Oakley lenses. And, the beauty of it is, EVERYWHERE you look out of the lenses is in focus. You don’t have to move your head. At all.

The “golf” bifocal lenses are made to allow a person to write their score on a scorecard. As such, only the bottom 10-15% of the lens is the “bifocal” portion. It is perfect. I don’t have to tilt my head down to see distance, and don’t have to tilt my head up to see close up. Riding a unicycle is just as easy as walking.