Bicycle Wheel Conversion

I could use some extensive help.
I am quite uneducated when in comes to all the technicalities.
So if someone were willing to walk me through the process, I’d love the support.
Thank you,
Derek T

-I figured the easiest means of comprehension would be a question-answer type interaction. That being said, this is what I know:

*I need a 24 inch wheel, which I am looking to convert from a bike wheel
that’s about it, ha!
Sorry :confused:

are you trying to make a giraffe unicycle or a standard one?

if your trying to make a girraffe unicycle then take the sprocket off and buy a fixie one from your local bike shop and swap them over

I wish it were that easy,

But I don’t intend on making a giraffe one. I wish to create a standard uni, meaning I’ll probably end up welding the bearings onto the axle, welding the axle in place, and then just using the typical top-bottom bracket to attach a custom made uni frame to the bearings. Does this all sound correct, and feasible? If not, where do you think I could go differently?
Derek T

This was the bike wheel I had had in mind…

Does it look like it’s convertible?

Basically you need a unicycle hub to replace the bike hub. I would start with a front wheel and if you are lucky the flanges will be close enough in size that you can re-use the spokes.

Make sure the number of spokes on the wheel match the spoke holes on the new hub.

Good luck.

Do you ride a uni now?

There is no substitute for a purpose built uni hub, so you could save yourself a lot of trouble and just buy a cheap unicycle for $50-75.

Cuz once this can of worms is open… you’ll need to figure out how to attach cranks, then you’ll need a way to make the axle spin in some bearings, then you need a frame, seat, etc…