Bicycle touring plans gone sideways

Ok, this post is almost off-topic, but I’ll file it under unicycling anyways.

It’s also longish, so here is a TL;DR for you: Can’t take my bicycle to Iceland due to train cancelations in Germany. Will bing a unicycle instead.

We booked trains with all the required bicycle reservations from Switzerland to Denmark, where we take the ferry to Iceland for a bicycle tour.

Now the train is canceled due to strikes in Germany and we had to book a flight on short notice to Denmark to still make the ferry.

In this time we couldn’t pad, disassemble and pack the bicycles for the flight, so we decided to leave them at home.

So what do you do in this case: Obviously pack up a unicycle because there are fewer parts that can break and it’s a lot easier to handle. So if all goes to plan (as nothing did so far) I’ll be on the Faeroe Islands and then Iceland with my 27.5 muni instead of a bicycle. I’ll follow up with pictures if it works out.

(Now you night ask why I even post this: I’m totally frustrated with how this trip went so far and I wanted to point out the only positive aspect so far to cheer myself up… :yum:)


Its completely on topic, thanks for sharing :wink:
My partner also had “bringing bike on holidays” issues too once. A friend’s bike got lost in transit. So they made it a walking tour of the Pyrenees instead of a bike riding holiday.

What a stupid coincidence that this strike is taking place right now!
I hope you can soon say in icelandic:

Reið Einhjól kringum goshver er gaman! :grinning:

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That’s what we might mostly be doing as my wife doesn’t unicycle.

I can already say this, we took Icelandic lessons a couple of years ago. I’m not convinced it’s grammatically correct, though. Maybe @ruari can help, I think he lived in Iceland at some point in the past.

No I have never lived in Iceland. I have been there a few of times because my work has an office there but that is about the sum of it. :wink:

She can hire bikes when you get there :slight_smile: (asking her to learn to unicycle on the holiday might be pushing it) :slight_smile:
I am sure you might be happy this has happened, more time and freedom to ride a unicycle rather than ride those evil 2 wheeled contraptions the lemmings ride lol. Yay!

She’s trying to learn it, but one session a month doesn’t get you there very fast. She can ride 10 - 20 Meters by now.

:joy: The largest downside of the unicycle is its luggage carrying capacity. Our plan was to cycle into the highlands with full camping gear and provisions. Not something I’m able to do on a unicycle. But yeah, I was a bit bothered by the prospect of not being able to ride the uni for 5 weeks.

Ah ok, I think I might have misinterpreted something you posted at some point.

Good stuff! And she needs to do more than just 1 session a month for quicker progress. But if she can do 10-20m, she’s got the basics it seems!
Agree on the luggage aspect, bike packing is less daunting…

Reið Einhjól kringum goshver er gaman

Riding Unicycles around geysers is fun

Google knows everything!

No, it doesn’t tell you whether it is grammatically correct. I quite convinced that goshver is not plural in this sentence, if the case is correct at all. And “reiða” should be “að reiða” instead, but that’s just my limited knowledge of icelandic.

Yeah, she knows that it would take more regular training, in theory… :yum:

Ah that makes sense. Since I’m close to fluent in Danish, and Icelandic is of the same language family, then it translates to something like “At ride på en ethjulet cykel omkring (rundt om) gejsere er sej”. So you’re prolly right with “að reiða”. And plurar of “goshver” is “goshverir”
Where are you from?
Some words are similar in writing btw Danish and Icelandic, but when spoken I don’t understand a thing. Before I learned Danish, I spoke Norwegian and that is also very different in pronunciation.

I think only in nf. (short for the Icelandic word for nominative, the grammatical case - I don’t know how to spell the full word) the plural is goshverir, but kringum requires þf. (accusative). But again, I might be completely wrong here.

Switzerland. So I’m used to grammatical cases from German.

Ok, at least made it that far. Tomorrow we’ll see whether we also make it to the ferry. :blush:


Have fun!

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I thought you had the suitcase hooked up as a trailer there and folded up like parking a Brompton… :wink:

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Here is the next update: Still haven’t ridden far but we’re on the ferry and back on the original route…

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