Bicycle seat post vs standard unicycle

I just placed an order for a 26" Hunter and I want to start accumulating the rest of the parts. I like the availablility and adjustability of a rail conversion with a 27.2 bicycle seat post but I wonder about reliability as muni riding places stresses on the post that it was not designed for. Has anbody had any failures from this set up or am I just overthinking it?

Another option is to use the Scott Wallis seat base, but it may take a while to get the order since he usually has a queue of orders.

As far as your question as to strength when using a rail adapter…I have had no issues with strength while using my rail adapters. They are kind of bulky and heavy though, but I don’t mind it. You shouldn’t have an issue with strength, and if you do, just upgrade to a Thomson post.

I emailed scott last week and he had bases ready to go, but you’d have to build up the saddle yourself. I’d like to go this route for my new 36er. $170 just for the base is pretty expensive.
The rail adapter is great, strong. I use it for both Muni and Road cause I like the tilt it can provide. But it does add weight and I don’t run a brake, so it seems like a lot.

Bike seat posts are fine for unicycles; the biggest problem is in the rail adapters, which tend to have crappy welding jobs. But then, so do unicycle seat posts.

Double-check the seatpost diameter for the Hunter. It’s not 27.2 unless he has changed the tubing he uses. I think it’s 26.8 or something like that.

The rail adapter option works fine for muni. I have rail adapters on my Coker and my muni and other unicycles. I had one break at a weld but that was after many years of use. Just keep a spare on hand if you’re concerned and don’t want to lose riding time due to waiting for a new part.

The other option is the Scott Wallis design. No rails. Very sexy.