BI (Before Internet)

(Sorry, I’ve got my thinking hat on this fine friday lunchtime)

What did unicyclists do before the internet? I was talking to a cyclist (two wheels…) last night and it became apparent how useful this hyper-webby-internetty thing, especially this r.s.u. thing, actually is…

I’d not have my new muni; I’d still have not cycled with anyone else; I’d not have watched and been highly impressed and motivated by all the videos and pictures of people doing crazy stunts and tricks on the things. I might have learned to juggle on it, which was my original plan, but I’ve not done that because muni and generally jumping around is just too much fun.


Anyway, I’m going to stop warbling on now. Sorry…

Phil, just me

aah, common phil! u can’t let the juggling fraternity down like that!
learn to juggle WHILE muni’ing!!
i want to c u doing three cattle prods and negotiating single track
and if u need a hand to hang onto the saddle, learn to do three in one hand
it opens the path to six u know…

(got 10 catches doing five on the uni last week)

I would have still seen Kris on Ripley’s believe it or not, I just wouldn’t have run upstairs and ordered a unicycle because of it. God bless the internet

(I had my order in to 3 minutes after that episode aired)

Hey Phil, as far as I can tell, juggling would maybe improve your MUni skills. It couldn’t hurt. Some of the best MUni riders out in California juggle too. For example there is Nathan Hoover, Bruce Bundy and David Poznanter. Sorry David if I butchered your last name.

The www has been largely responsible for most of us getting together. That’s how I found out about the 1997 Calif. MUni weekend. Before that, I thought I had invented MUni. I now give that honor to George Peck and maybe Kris, but he was just a kid at the time, so we’ll give it to George.


The internet is responsible for me spending my money on hobbies that I never heard of. I started road biking four years ago. After a search on the net, I found out about fixed gears and track bikes, so I got into those. Then I found out about the single speed mountain bike scene. That sounded like fun, so I got into that too. Just as soon as I get settled into that, I see an ad in the back of Dirt Rag magazine for, showing Kris Holm desending some steep rock on a muni. I gotta try that, so off to the web i go, ready to spend more money. The best thing with the net though, is being able to talk with other people who are interested in the same strange hobbies as me. Not too many unicyclers in small town Iowa, but I’m trying to change that. cheers, Mojoe

Re: BI (Before Internet)

phil wrote:

> What did unicyclists do before the internet?


I have been using the internet since before the graphical web existed
(Oooo, ahhh…). We used handy tools like gopher and lynx back in the
those days (blah). But one internet tool that’s been around forever are
newsgroups! Me and my old business partner used to get ‘nasty’ little
news feeds back in the late 80’s. But putting that ugly bit of history
aside, :wink: I find newsgroups and email to be the most useful tools the
internet has to offer. This newsgroup in particular is great place to
lurk. It makes me feel like I’m part of the Unicycle community rather
than just some guy rolling around on one wheel in Alaska, and that my
friends is pretty darn cool!



Um… there were these things called “books”. They didn’t need electricity, they didn’t suck up all your free time by forcing you to wade through useless garbage 'cause there were people called “editors” who tweaked the content prior to publishing, and you didn’t have to upgrade them every six months. (sigh)

Sorry! I guess I’m feeling extra cranky today.

Re: Re: BI (Before Internet)

Hey, I still use lynx sometimes! :slight_smile:

I know what you mean about email and newsgroups… most helpful indeed.

Without the internet I didn’t really think there was a “unicycling community”, let alone that I could be in it…

Phil, just me