Beware New Coker Seats - cut my finger up

The “Marquis de Sade” model seat that is standard on the new Coker has staples holding the seat cover on underneath the seat. I just cut my finger up on these as I grabbed the seat to prevent it from hitting the ground on a UPD. These staples are nasty, gave me a 1/2 inch cut that bled a lot.

If you have this seat I would suggest either getting a new seat cover or throwing the whole thing out.


The FIRST thing I did when my new big one arrived was to toss the saddle! My modded KH fusion freeride is da sh#t!

Moded freeride, how do you mod a saddle? :stuck_out_tongue: I suppose you in America can get more parts than i can in Australia :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the heads up on the seat :slight_smile:

I threw away the stock vinyl cover and made a better one that allows the center channel to stay open. Much more comfy.

Be sure to relay a note on to Coker about this.