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So my torker LX broke beyond repair a few years ago, and as a result, I’ve been a non-unicycler for a while. however, I’m pretty sure that for christmas I’m getting a new nimbus. anyway, I’m getting back into unicycling, and was all excited to watch some sweet street and trials videos that i rembembered, like shaun johannasen (sp?) and ryan atkins and dan heaton and all their sick videos, but i can’t find them anywhere. syko random crap is gone from youtube again, and that was probably my favorite. so again, anyway, is there a best videos thread somewhere reserved for videos such as these? if not, i declare one be made. all I want to do is get excited to ride a unicycle again.

and yes, everyone, i did use the search function before i asked. nothing comes up.

Cool, cooooool.

Best riders these days have changed. Shaun and Dan have been replaced by French riders Adrien Delecroix and Loic Baud and Hungarian rider Krizs Kovacs. Ryan has been replaced in trials by many, but the leading trials riders at the moment seem o be, UK rider Joe Hodges, Hungarian rider Mark Fabian and American rider Max Shulze.

Heres Trials by Max (my fave from him anyway),

Trials from Joe Hodges and Mark Fabian,

Steet and flatland from Adrien,


Loic(and friends),

To me, Loic is the best street rider and Max the best trials.

@barasackee yea i miss this syko video too but i discovered other oldschool street videos like dan doerksen’s ones here he’s a legend

Chris (unicycledood) already said all it need. :wink:

There a still a lot vids missing!! :wink:


Also search Luke Collalto in youtube, he replaced Shaun for a while, but now hes gone… Too many good riders come and go

Best all around by a single person:

Best street video from a group:

Just my opinions!:smiley:


Coolest video:

Best Bail:

mike’s best bail choice was LULZ!!! FTW!! funniest bail ive eva seen!!!

THANK YOU!! I prefer oldskool street to newskool. :slight_smile:

What about the best trial video? :roll_eyes:
(no sound)

I like the old videos more. They are not just a bunch of clips, but a bunch of good clips and awesome riding imo. (filming is also better imo)

I know it ain’t a good video, but the trick is cool. :slight_smile:

trial vid from tom pec :stuck_out_tongue:

yes yes yes. this is exactly what i wanted. keep it going.

I figured the people would change. I had heard of Loic and Xavier before i stopped perusing the boards. are shaun and dan and all those oldies still around?

i’m liking all this flatland and flatland inspired street. it’s a lot more stylish than just straight stair sets and crap.

wheelol’s 24 incher made me smile. also the buthiers and the tom pec’s were really good. stylish editing and song choice. can anybody find that one super slow motion freestyle video from a while ago that was only like 1 minute long? that was one of my favorites, even though i never really watch freestyle videos at all.

and this embedding feature is nice.

:stuck_out_tongue: Thank you, thank you, thank you very much.

I’d like to thank my mom, for helping me out in my childhood, my dad for supporting me, and everybody else…

Haha, I feel so honored.

I spoke to him on msn. He has not really quit yet.

Then my fave number two, Fredrik Justnes…

Then the style that i like the best. Jon Atwell