best unicyclists

Man, watching those makes me feel like I suck. Probably because I do. Wow.

I do have a claim to fame as being Ponoka’s first and best extreme unicyclist. Not that this really counts, but it can’t hurt to mention it.

this is only related to this thread because madmat is from canada. but it seems like unicycling is alot more popular in northern places (minnesota, canada, uk) is this true or do southerners just ride so much that they dont have time for forums?

the two greatest unicyclist are george unispin and fred crankflip

the best unicyclist (for street) is Xav. he’s so…AWESOME ! i don’t know how he can do that !!! :thinking: but, it’s sure that there is unknown people riding in their little town who are better than Xav or KH.

Dan Heaton for street. His riding is so creative and flowy.

I think the only person that deserves the titles “godfather”, “god” or “king” of street is Dan Heaton. His riding is in another league and his attitude and dedication to unicycling over all is unmatched. He is under-rated and I believe he should be recognised by us more.


Xavier!! Dan Heaton!! xavier,dan,xavier,dan…
Both are sooooo good!!


BMX is just as hard if not harder than unicycling. Not so much learning to ride, but getting really good.

Bike trials, too.

i like watching that dude luke from austrailia ride, and kevin mcmullin.

luke recently landed a trey flip 5 stair… :astonished:


also, I really like Kevin Mcmulling style street. He does big grinds, one footers, footplants, and makes everything really flowy.

Son, you don’t know… George Peck is the grand-daddy of rough terrain unicycling.