Best unicycle ever. Custom KH

hey guys, I got the best unicycle ever.
KH Frame longeck polished
New KH hub
KOXX double butted spokes
KH cranks specially drilled by corbin to save weight. incredibly light as tensiles as strong as KH cranks.
KOXX street rim polished
KOXX fluo pink pedals
Oh and i think I have some titanium hub bolts, a titanium seatpost clamp too! ill have to check.

I am keeping the scott wallis base and thomson for my next unicycle.
selling cause im sponsored by koxx now.

$425 and ill pay shipping

What size cranks are those?

John M


Damn I might be interested how fast can you get it to Maryland?

this really is one of the best unis out there. one of those unis that you hop on and just feels perfect. and its built like a tank, joe built it for some 10 stair static drop gaps! joe broke before it did haha.

ya it really is the best unicycle out there. I can get it to maryland in like 2 or 3 days.

Willing to trade? Need a muni? Check my sig?

I will trade you for some money… this uni really wont break… you will break first. never felt a lighter unicycle either.

Can I get a money-back guarantee on that?

yes actually, money back guarantee. but i wont pay ur hospital bill.

'Sall good, I have that one thing that makes it so I don’t have to pay medical bills… whats it called again? Oh yea, insurance. Who’da thunk it? I’ll PM you.

still have it

yes i still have this uni for sale

maybe when I get back from brazil

are you willing to part out, Im interested in the whole wheelset, how much would shipping to the UK be? i’d pay for it. :slight_smile:

Still an idiot, but how do these parts rate the price?
Honest question, asked with intent to learn.
add a post and seat, the price equals a new KH.
What am I missing?