Best Uni- Thats Cheap!

What is the best uni that money can buy- but it has to be cheap. (In the $70 range) I think there is a Miyata at my bike store for 70 but is it worth it? I have no idea which companys are better or best for. Help a guy out!


My 2 cents

The miyata must be used, I don’t believe you can touch a miyata new for under $150 or more.

I just started and bought a torker lx 24" for $67 on ebay. It is pretty good. They have torker cx models for less, but the lx has better components for only slightly more money.

I have only been using it on pavement. If you plan on jumping and Muni, you may want to spend more to get something better, but to learn and even ride 10, 20, 30 or more miles, this will do it just fine. I plan to ride mine about 20 miles a week, once I get better, and I am sure it will hold up fine.

I can go 300ft without falling so far!!! yipeeeeee!!!

the torker LX is a Fantastic unicycle for the money, just make sure you asemble it correctly.

I see, so in all a torker would a good start out?