best uni is the world

the schlumf unicycle geared shifting on the go it has everything

i donno if i converted the currency right. but i got it was like 1,300 USA DOLLARS!!! holy crap… i hope i converted the price rong.


No, that is the right price. It has internal gearing in the hub which lets you shift while you are riding.

if he is meaning its the best in the world, i think not lol, i need something that can go off at least 6 foot drops =p, but the Guni is great for speed, i want one =p

I saw this and though how much, and then i cried.

It’s deff not worth it for that price, could buy a unicycle for each speed O.o

the best uni is a stock 06 kh trialsbut withy a profile hub and cranks and kona pedals

you could get that and a coker for the same price!!!

im sponsered and heres makin a 36 geared fastest uni in the world

I saw an article about a guy who rigged a gyroscopic sensor on his unicycle so that when he leaned forward, the unicycle adjusted for speed (he also added a motor on it) and it could go up to 15 mph. It worked a lot like a segway.

This “Guy” is named Trevor and he built the uni from scratch… there were no gyroscopes in the unit, just silicon accelerometers.

Here’s a link to his page about the electric unicycle

The gyroscope was needed to tell whether or not it needed to accelerate or slow down. Look at the components list: “A gyroscope and acceleromoter by Rotomotion. $149.”

people this is not about the internal gyroscopical uni this is about the geared uni

Who says? Threads are like conversations: sometimes they change and evolve.

i was born with the internal gyroscopical in my head. that is why i can ride a unicycle smoothly… i wonder if that electric uni can do sharp turns and stuff, or make one for trials or Muni.

They should build a robot that can ride a robotic unicycle. Then we would have more free time to bake cookies, because that takes longer than you think…