best uni for 300$

what is the best trials setup for 300$

I think you wil have to buy a Qu-ax trials then.
You can’t buy a beter uni for that money not even a costum.
I just made a costum one but it cost more than 300$

Peter M

Torker DX 20 inch, best trials for that price, its 250 on ebay if you find the right person.

I think this one is -

i would go w/ pdc, it may be a little heavy but thats what youll get w/ $300, those cranks are good when denubbed.

the dx on for $260

what does it mean when cranks are denubbed?

some cranks have little knobby bits sticking out from the crank where the crank goes onto the hub. this can a problem becase you can hit your ankle on it, when they’re denubbed, the knobby sticky outy bit is taken off so you can’t whack you’re ankle on it. they are much, much better denubbed.