best trials unicycling shorts?

Basically i ride with some surf shorts (bright red ones :D) that are very thin and so light and nice, but it gets kinda painful on my thighs when i’m trying to do SIF hops.

I usually wear some cycling shorts underneath but they are real thin and dont protect the thighs at all.

Therefore i was wondering what kinda trousers/shorts people wear and what they prefer? Shorts or trousers?

I’m kinda looking at some long baggy shorts but i have no idea what to get or what would be good.

I just take some old jeans, grab scissors, or a knife, and cut right below the knee.

Ta-da! I got a pair of shorts, they fit perfect with 661s, they are comfy, and the jean material protects well against seat abrasion.

thats actually not a bad idea… I actually have a pair of old jeans as well… u is a genius jerrick :stuck_out_tongue: ehehe

I have some old Levi’s Action Slacks that I cut off into shorts. They are really comfortable. I wear spandex riding shorts under them so I don’t get chafed, it’s better than anything else I’ve tried. Sometimes I wear Dickie’s shorts, but I always wear spandex underneath. I think that’s more important than anything else.