best splined muni?

hi its me AGAIN! i am looking at for a muni thats splined and whats the best for the money.and does any one have any used that they might sell?

look into kh24, onza 24", and qu-ax.

i have kh24, think its pretty good. lots of creaking and terrible sounds coming from it even tho its pretty new :frowning:

onza muni doesn’t have too many reviews of it online, but still a decent muni from what i can tell.

qu-ax can only be ordered from overseas i think so shipping costs a tad. still cheaper than kh24 and onza. prolly worth looking into but i dont know much about it. try

ppl will tell u that kh24 is best for the $ but i dont know since its the only muni i’ve ever owned. many thigns have gone wrong with this last batch of kh24s… wrong seats, difficult to tighten seat bolts, TERRIBLE creaking in hub, slipping of axle, 30$ price jack at

hope that helps


I feel your pain…my relativley new trials uni with a KH setup is creaking a lot. Its kinda annoying with new unis do this…

Mine is doing the same and it annoys me. Anti-seize apparently stops it (you can get it from car supply stores), but I don’t have the correctly sized allen key to aply it, so I just tighten and loosen the other bolts until it goes away. It’s a temporary fix but it works for me.

Re: best splined muni?

i might but but i havent desided yet, if i do its going to be between 800 and $1000 (depending how i choose to sell it, complete or frame and wheel) anyway so its probobly out of your target range.

the Toker DX 24" has a nice splined hub for just $200, you could spend another 50 and put the wheel on a yuni/nimbus frame so you can have a taller/wider tyre…

Go for a qu-ax muni at !!!

Great uni great price.

(have not tried yet)
-follow link named “matos”-


Get an onza!!! I bought one off roger at unicycle dot com without even seeing it. I told him how much cash I had, he asked my weight/height, I bought it.

It is absolutely amazing! Things have only gone wrong with it because I have stupidly attempted to clean/tighten cranks without knowing what I was doing (I lost the plastic washers and seized the crank onto the axle and had to send it to roger to fix for me. twice)

I weigh 13 stone and have done 5ft drops (going sideways!) I’v jumped down 1m tall steps with the tyre too soft and the rim banged off the ground on each step and nowt happened other than a clunk sound.

A girl at the Juggling Club here just got a KH24, they are pretty similar, but the Onza rim is a lot deeper and meatier looking, also the KH cranks felt a bit longer.

I kick the shit out of the onza most weekends and it still rocks!

Hope this helps, if it doesn’t, just go buy an Onza!

Kh24 has worked well for me! However that’s the only MUni I have ever ridden.

kh problems!

ALL of you with kh hub problems. CALL UNICYCLE.COM!this is a problem in the 2004 sires.i had this problem with my kh trials and they gave me a MUST call before 30 days of this problem.your wheel can go free wheel at any time

Re: kh problems!

total uni,
I belive that said that is not completely true. They are aware of some crank problems in the 2004 KH24’s and are completely willing to fix them, and if you have it done yourself, they will not invalidate the warrenty, but they are not just giving away free wheels in the form of a refund.


I just got a KH24 a couple of months ago and it is awesome! Outside of a few problems with the cranks (that I have been able to fix myself with not too much trouble) it is a beast. It can handle anything I can dish out (which isnt a whole lot, but will soon hopefully be more). A friend of mine got his a while back to and I have seen it take some MASSIVE abuse and still hold up (outside of some creaking that can be fixed with anisieze). In my opinion, the KH24 is definatly the way to go. If you want to look around, the Onza Muni is definatly a great one, and so is the Qu/ax from if you are willing to pay some more for shipping.


The creaking should never be an issue because you can fix it with $2 worth of lubricant (that will last you forever) and 5 minutes of work.

Also it seems to me that Kh hubs are easier to keep lubricated than profiles. You can get the anti sieze in there easier and it is less likely to come out. Also, it takes hours to remove the profile cranks.

i apply antiseize everywhere i can, and the clicking does not go away. its beyond frustrating.

i know how to take off the cranks and pinch bolts and axle bolts, and apply it everywhere, but still when i put pressure on my right pedal, the uni gives off the most awful sounds. it cant be the spokes; it just doesn’t sound like that.

ive had it for about 4 months and the clicking appears to get worse. its been there for over a week and will not go away. i apply more than enough antiseize so im 100% sure that thats not the problem.

i wish i had a recorder or something so i could post a .wav file of the sound its making.

sorry for the rant, im just really frustrated


qu-ax yo… mines workin’ out great for me anyway. Has a gazz, 48 spokes, splined crankset, good seat, nice seat post and rim and clamp and etc… rocks.

You’ll note that I said anti sieze stops the creaking . Not the clicking. The clicking is not an issue of your hub and cranks (unless you feel the cranks slipping in the hub). It is more likely the pedals. Either repack them or (especially if they are wellgos) replace them.

sorry sorry didn’t mean to direct my frustration at you. its like 6 rapidfire clicks, so i suppose you’re right its not a creak. i figured we were talking about the same thing. my feet can feel it when it clicks just barely…but i suppose that it could still be the cranks slipping or the pedals. yes, they are wellgos…but i figured kh would be decent enough to put good pedals on his kh24. i guess i was wrong? id want to be 100% sure that the pedals were whats wrong before buying new ones…


I much prefer the Onza saddle to the KH. I just feel like I can get a better grip on the thing. I think the qu-ax has the KH handle, but I’m uncertain

The Qu-ax has 48 spokes, making the wheel stronger, but heavier.

Considering that, the Onza is the best bet. But what about price?

Before shipping…
Qu-ax from 249 EU ($306.65)
Onza from $449
KH from $479

Shipping from should probably run about $16. Anyone want to share their shipping costs from

I, too, am in the market for a muni, and I was planning on getting an Onza, but if the splined Qu-ax is stronger and cheaper, you can’t argue with that.

Sure sounds to me like its your pedals. You would “feel” the click if it was your pedals. Its a place where the bearings are tighter and the click is you moving past that point. You would feel that. I am fairly confident that it is your pedals. Get new ones. Also, wellgo’s are cheap and the bearings are bad. So if they don’t click now they will soon. And they shatter.

the only reason i think its the hub is because it the more pressure and weight i put on the pedal, the worse the clicks. it clicks its worst when i am riding backwards, then when my right foot is down i put a ton of pressure on it and begin going forward again. its exactly whe i put the pressure on that the clicks start going crazy. if it were the pedal, does that mean it would click at the same spot every rotation of the pedal? like 4 o clock, 4 o clock, 4 o clock, etc. thanks