Best Shin Guards?

This last week I decided to try and learn to unispin, and now my shins give off the vibe that I was mauled by multiple rabid animals. Can you guys tell me what protective shin guards have worked for you guys/which ones not to get? Thanks.

I’ve tried quite a few different styles and it really all boils down to personal preference. I’ve tried the 661 4x4’s and the KH leg armour and my biggest complaint with the both of them is flexibility and heat. I don’t think they either allow for enough movement at the knee, being a street rider being able to flex at the knee comes in handy.

After much searching I finally found a set that met my needs, and I don’t see me switching any time soon. I’ve started using T.H.E. Storm Knee/Shin guards. and they are amazing, super comfortable, the back is open mesh so they breathe really well, and offer great protection. They’re available here:
And you can pick up the old style here for a few dollars less:

I haven’t tried the new style ones but from what I hear they’re essentially the same things just with some cosmetic switches on the new ones.

I have tried Fuse shin guards and 661 4x4 shin/knee guards. I reviewed the Fuse shin guards here:

Personally I prefer the Fuse shin guards because I like to have just shin guards with the option of adding separate knee protection if I want to. I found that the 661 4x4 shin guards were not as comfortable or as protective as the Fuse shin guards. The 661 4x4s have perforated foam and thin pieces of nylon to protect your shin, which does not protect near as well as the shin length, thick nylon piece in the Fuse shin guards. The 661 4x4s breathe better.

I would recommend going to a bike shop and trying on a few pairs of shin guards if you can. Any shin guard that protects well and is comfortable is good.

Just about anything the correct size that wraps all the way around your leg should be fine. I’ve used Fox Racing and Pro-Tec, they are both fine, but the Fox seems to be higher quality. They are both discontinued models that were on clearance… The Sixsixone Evo Shin Guard looks promising, but I haven’t tired them yet.

I wear my KH Leg Armor for muni, road riding, and practicing flat/street. At a thrift store I picked up a pair of wraparound neoprene shin guards (with an internal hard plastic part in the front) that say “Better Than Stitches” that I use when I ride my ultimate wheel. I don’t know what brand these are but I’m going to try them out for flat/street when the sun starts waning. Full coverage is a must in my opinion. I ride and practice sometimes in 90-100 degree temperatures. Enjoy sweating and just consider it bikram unicycling!

Just bought POC bones knee/shin/calf guards. Really awesome.
It has an “articulated knee”. Which means the bottom part of the guard doesn’t move one bit if you bend your knee.

Just picked up some SIXSIXONE race knee/shin guards, and they are pretty awesome, i feel like a tank, they limit your ability to make your leg straight which is a great thing! jamming your knees is never fun… They breathe well, and are very light weight.

I was going to buy the SIXSIXONE Evo shin pads but the race knee/shin guards were cheaper and much more fool proof.

A note about POC, if you find there products expensive then you should have no issue spending time in the hospital >_< they do not build a product to meat a “budget” they build a product to meet and exceed all safety standards, the price is what it is, what are your legs/arms/head/etc worth?

Those look amazing! please post a review when you get them, I may just have found my new shin guard brand! Those things look perfect for uni!

If what you’re after is light-weight protection from pedal bites, I’d recommend the IXS Hack Shin Guards. They are super light, and cheap, yet rigid enough to ward off most pedal bites. The don’t offer knee protection, but I am yet to land on my knee from a unicycle fall. They do cover the back of your calves but that part isn’t rigid.

I think there are plenty of reviews online that will do a better job, but here are some of my experiences.

What I have used before:
Fox launch shorty (on mountain bike only)

  • Affordable
  • tough
  • Hot
  • After a year they always side down after a few pedal strokes, which led me to buy the 2nd pair below.

Troy Lee 5450 knee/shin (both bike and uni)

  • Super lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Non slip
  • does not cover entire shin

POC Bone (so far, uni only. Still trying to freemount. Saved me from lots of pedal bites)

  • Tough
  • Articulated knee
  • Solid calf protection
  • hot (what wouldn’t be, with so much coverage?)
  • expensive

I’m a pansy who won’t do anything without wearing guards. :roll_eyes:

Well guess what happened to me the other day :roll_eyes: poetic justice has its way again.
Still that’s the first time its happened in amongst months of shin-shredding (and potential shin-shredding had I not been wearing pads) so I’ll stick to just protecting my shins using the best compromise between strength and weight.

“Cheaper than Stitches”

Several pedal bites on my shins and I finally cracked and bought KH leg armour (knee/shin guards). They are comfortable and have never slipped down and I wear low cut five tens shoes. I can’t speak to them being “hot” as I’ve never ridden them in warm weather or on bare legs yet.

I have just the same set up as you uni hopper they go together spot on no slipping at all

Fuse Alpha shin/whip pads sound pretty good, for the reasons mentioned by Unihopper and Rob1, but according to this chart, I would need size XXL, as my calf is 41cm around. I do have big calves, but my clothes are usually only size medium or large, and I am only 1.75m (5’9") tall. I am worried that these XXL shin guards would be too long and/or too big for me. I can’t try them on because they are not sold anywhere near me. Anybody have any idea about this? Maybe my soccer shin guards (size L) are the best option, as I know they fit, and I can just improvise some padding for the area they don’t cover. That will be awfully hot and bulky, though.