Best road tyre?

I am looking at buying a non-knobby tyre for my KH24 freeride for street use. Will a Maxxis Hookworm 24 x 2.5 fit on the std rim? I am also considering a Thick Brick 24 x 3.0" - does anyone have any experience with this tyre on a uni?


I was going to make a very similar thread, except the tire I want is for a 24" muni with a Nimbus 2 frame, and I would want to use it for road riding, hockey, and some freestyle.

I’ve read lots of old threads about tires, and it seems like the best for all-round riding is generally considered to be the Hookworm. BUT I want to ask if anyone has any experience with the Halo Twin Rail, because it’s pink and this makes me want it more than the Hookworm.

The Thick Brick looks pretty nice, especially in whitewall, but they don’t appear to be for sale in the UK so no good for me.

So does anyone have any experience with the Twin Rail, Hookworm, or any other 24" slick?

I got a Fireball on my 24" KH.
Works great for riding on the road and for trials to.
Only downside is you have to get used to the pulling in chambers and on slopes.
The tirepresure must be just right: not to high and not to low.
But it’s a great urban tire.

Peter M

i use the hookworm. i have only usd the pink halo tyres on a bike so havent had any experience on a uni with them. i think the hookworm is better though. it has the tread on the walls of the tyre. it also has a smoother tread pattern so i say go with the hookworm for performance or the halo to look cool.

Dammit, I was hoping that someone would say ‘get the Twin Rail, it’s not just pink, it’s the best unicycle tyre ever made’.

I think I am going to have to make the rational decision and go with the Hookworm. I’m not keen on the Fireball because the roads where I live have lots of camber, and also it’s quite a bit more expensive than the Hookworm.

I have semi been one-dering about usi the hookworm for trials,
how much bounce do you get the hookworm?