best replacement for 24 DX frame

my DX frame has done the usual, and busted along the weld. As I am going back to grad school (once again) I do not have the money to spend on a KH or similar frame.

I was looking at the nimbus II and the nimbus X(what is the difference between these frames?), but thought there may be better options as well.

Is it possible to purchase a 29" frame and then switch out wheelsets (muni versus short commuting?) or is there stability and strength issues running a 24" wheelset in a 29" frame?

No major issues with that normally, Tony rode his 24" KH in a 29" KH frame for a while. The only thing is that the brake mounts wont line up (if you have them) and there will be a bigger clearance from the crown being higher up.

I’d say to go nimbus II, pimp as.

get the bedford 24 by 3 frame.

Then he needs a new seat post too, if he gets the Nimbus II he can use his current seatpost.

yeah but it is way easier to buy a seat post than to buy a new set of knees after busting them up from hitting them on the frame.

and how much do new seat post cost? $10 or if you are cool and make them they cost more like$5 and a little time
get a yuni frame. exact same as the nimbus except narrower

isn’t that twice as much?

I am currently using an irc kujo 24 x 3.0 tire… so the frame needs to accomodate that, and would prefer to upgrade (after i wear this tire out) to the nokian.

I would prefer not to buy a new seat post, but it won’t break the bank if I have to. I was poking around the other more worldy UDC sites and it seems the nimus II 29" frame has a 22mm seat post tube…

where i am at now, the trails are smooth… very little technical stuff, just steep… so the 24" seems real slow thus the thought of a 29" frame and the abiltiy to switch out the wheel set depending on the ride, but where I am headed it will be rocks and roots galore… so most rides would be on a 24… at least for me

yeah if you get it powder coated black for $55.
actually though it is 2 dollars cheaper.
unless he gets the 26" frame which would be the black price.

gah, why did noone mention this yet?
the new frames are pretty pimp.

no. the new frames probably aren’t that much better than the old one and the look way uglier. of course the 06 was still ugly.
and i though you were saying something a while ago about breaking one, or something like that

bah if ur due for a free one, go and send it off.

But i’d recommend a nimbus II they are nice and cheap.

Yeah they swapped all the nimbus frames up to 25.4mm posts, but there’s almost certainly an old backlog of the 22.2s of the frames sold on their own.

Some people complain about the nimbus II, I had a nimubs II extra wide but I never hit my knees on it in years of muni riding, I’d go for it.

why dont you just weld it up and it will cost almost nothing, or find a friend who can weld and it shouldnt been a problem.

if you know someone good with a welder they can fix it and make it strong

I’ve never hit my knees on my nimbus 2

Nobody has mentioned the Qu-Ax aluminum frame. You’d have to have it shipped from England though, but less than a KH (out of the 2007’s) if you want alluminum.

ooh yeah, those frames are nifty!

The new batch of Nimbus II’s are narrowed down. A lot.