best place to by kh ?????

hey i was wondering where the cheapest and best place is to by a Kris Holm Trials/Street 20" uni ive checked out and Bedford but ide thought ide ask u gies where is best

e-mail A.E Bikes. they can get you one for 365

I’ve saved this thread link on my desktop

Here we go again. If you want a KH you should read this thread.:slight_smile:

ya i seen that but they dident have it in stock il drop them an e mail

Don’t bother, they don’t know when they get them back in stock but their website will be automatically updated once their warehouse gets them in. They will be back in stock sometime this month I can tell you though.

AE Bikes is probably the best if you can be a little bit patient… but who is “ide”?

If UDC is saying that they’ll have them in stock shortly, then I’d imagine that AEBike’s warehouse would be very soon as well.

but ide thought ide ask u gies where is best

means :astonished:
but I had thought I would ask you guys

what is the best to buy Kh gloves? and which ones are the best?

I think the best place to buy KH unicycles is AEbikes

If not UDC. :smiley: :smiley:

I don’t know if these are the type you want. But i tried. :smiley: Here are some from UDC. Take your pick. :smiley: :smiley:

Kris Holm Grey Pulse Gloves

Kris Holm Red Pulse Wrist Support Gloves

Thanks, any idea which are the best because I think I remeber hearing something about one pair being alot better than the other.

The grey ones are the newer version. The red ones had problems with tearing I think.

They will be in stock early August:)

Ugh, is that for a fact? I was seriously hoping it would be around July 15th like UDC. With the last batch it was only like a week later after UDC got them in that AE had them.

I know what your saying, I can’t wait to buy my KH.

Yes… that is for a fact. I just recently emailed them and they responded by telling me that they will not have any KH 20’s until early August:(