Best place for lanscape photography in SINZ?

My whole family is going to New Zealand for UNICONXV(!!!) and my dad is into landscape photography. We are going to be traveling around the South Island before UNICON and we were wondering, if you had to pick one place, what would you pick? I have already been told by Nathan Hoover that around Nelson is very beautiful, I just wanted so get some locals’ opinions.

There are so many places, but I don’t know what/where they are - I will be watching this thread carefully :wink:

Here’s some photos from last week, around Wellington!

In Wellington there’s the Makara Peak MTB Park (where most of those photos above were taken from)…

Up in the North there is a very epic MTB park!

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It is hard to pick just one place in the South Island…but if you are in a car you should be able to see a lot. The Crown Range between Queenstown and Wanaka was amazing as well as both of those towns. The glaciers on the west coast were really cool to see too. Dunedin was one of my favorite cities in New Zealand.

A lot of people love Milford Sound, which you can get to via a bus in Queenstown. I missed out on seeing Milford Sound, but I hope to check it out after Unicon.

Basically…it doesn’t matter where you go in the South Island, it is all amazing.

YEEEAAAAAH NELSON !!! Nelson is such a nice place.If i had to pick for photography id say Nelson or Queenstown.Queenstown is the best place ive ever been to

The West Coast of the South Island is amazing. As is Golden Bay, Central Otago, the Marlborough Sounds and Dunedin. In fact there’s heaps of great places for landscape photography. And plenty in the North Island too.

I’d agree with Tony, the west coast of the south island is the best because it is the least inhabited and is mostly landscapes. It is often raining and when it does, hundreds of waterfalls spring to life so it should make good photos if anything is visible.