Best pictures of 2023 for World Unicycling Calendar

I’m calling for the best unicycling pictures of the year (2023) to be posted in this thread.
I do this every year, and as usual I intend to create a wall calendar with the best twelve pictures. The calender will be a free pdf download for anyone interested, to print a copy for yourself. I will post details here once I’m done.

On the calendar I want to include a wide spectrum of disciplines such as muni, road riding, track racing, urban, freestyle, team sports. Keywords: action (as opposed to posing), expert riding, spectacular, amazing, remarkable, funny, technical picture quality, composition, gorgeous scenery.

Please post (or link) your pictures on 10 December at the latest, to be elegible for the calendar. It’s OK to post low-res, because if the picture would pass pre-selection I’ll contact you for a high-res version.
In addition, I will browse some forum threads for pictures posted this past year.

Indeed, I am slightly early this year. Because of other commitments, I must finish the calender by about mid December, or it has to wait until well into January.

There is more info about the World Unicycling Calendar on this website.


Here was mine from this year’s San Diego Bike the Bay, captured while riding past the historical Chicano Park under the Coronado Bridge. Picture credit Sandy Huffaker.


I got many pictures of my 7600 km ride on the European Divide Trail from Portugal to the Norwegian-russian border. Here are 3 pictures that might be fitting for the calendar:

All 3 pictures photographed by me, and all available in a higher resolution.
First 2 pictures were taken in Spain in May. The last one in Denmark at the Beach.


Here’s two pictures from 2023, the year of mercy:). First one from riding on the frozen big lake Pyhäsälke near Joensuu, Finland, a -20 degree January day. And second one me and Henni uni-dancing at spring:).


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Here are my favorites from this year. Locations include Moab UT, Rocky Mountain National Park CO, Fort Collins CO, and Curt Gowdy State Park WY.

Featured Riders in no particular order: Noli Ergas, Brandon Penrod, Thomas Wood, Brian McCandless, and Owen Farmer.


Did something go wrong? The text you posted says “uploading”, and although they seem to be formatted as links, I can’t get to your pictures. Please check, thanks, Klaas

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It looks as if those did not upload properly.

Indeed. I hope the Prof has a solution :slight_smile:

HI Klaas!

I have a lot of great pictures to share this year.

Pictures of my crossing of the Pyrenees with Felix in June. Not easy to choose, here are a few photos where we’re all together, the uni and the mountains.

I didn’t really like this one at first, because you could see the imbalance (we’d just mounted the unicycle).

A picture of the Mont Ventoux Unicycle Challenge in July.

I don’t have many photos where we can see us and the very distinctive summit.

And a picture taken during the marathon of the French nationals in November.


From me and @timoteusmunk


Here are a few pictures from my rides in the Swiss Alps this year.


I think this photo is epic of me chasing 2 people at Burning Man this year! If you don’t want naked people, you could always crop them out and use AI to fill in the gap so it’s still landscape.


Hi Jamey, I love the picture with the naked couple included. (Without them it would be a somewhat bland photo - no harm intended.) It is a serious contender for the calendar, though not 100% sure yet.
Do you have a higher-res version? I have it now in 1920x1080.

Yes I have it in 4748 x 3165 and I do have permission from the photographer and the people in the photo to use it however I want. :slight_smile:

That’s great! Can you send it by to me at unicyclist (at) xs4all (dot) nl? You can send it either with the little censor images overlaid, or I would recreate those myself to keep the calendar family friendly. :slight_smile:


Got it, thanks! Is that the name of the photographer in the file name? Like three names, A A M?


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OK, the World Unicycling Calendar 2024 is finished and ready for sending out.
The twelve pictures that got into the final selection are attached, as well as the page for January.

If you want a free download link, drop me an e-mail at unicyclist (at) xs4all (dot) nl and please state the country where you live . (I need your e-mail address to send the link.)