Best pictures of 2022 for World Unicycling Calendar

There are actually two full recordings of that performance in your smugmug folder, one taken by you (John) and one by Jacquie. The first still was from John’s video. This one is from Jacquie’s, yours doesn’t have a good angle for that moment. I think you meant this with your sharp turn in front of the jury? Unfortunately, the picture quality is even lower.

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Here’s a few other frame grabs from that same Expert Male Freestyle performance. In the third one, it looks like he’s about to grab that paper from the Judges’ Table. If you like any of those and it’s not too late, I could dress it up and re-post it.
I wish I knew the riders by name! He had a lot of dismounts so I don’t think he got the gold, but still had lots of great moves. The new images start from this link:


Here is my contribution, taken in Karelia, Finland 1 mars 2022:).


I think a separate calendar of just Unicon photos could be put together

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Yes I guess so, but it wouldn’t be THE World Unicycling Calendar :slight_smile:


Hi “Freed”,

This photo is on my shortlist for the World Unicycling Calendar. Selection is not final yet.
Do you have it in high resolution, preferably original? You can send it to unicyclist (at) xs4all (dot) nl

Also, I would like to know:

Name of the rider(s) and country where they live
Location of the photo, such as nearest city. (You wrote Karelia, Finland.)
Name of photographer
Any particularly interesting info for the photo, if applicable

Thank you!
Klaas Bil

If a higher quality version of that photo is not available it could be upgraded with Topaz Gigapixel AI. That software does a very good job of improving lower quality images.

I upgraded that original file from 1920 x 1440 436KB to 7680 x 5760 16.2MB with a noticeable increase in quality.

I could send you the upgraded version if you need.

You can use this picture if you like. Granted, there are no mountains, deep valleys or sunsets. But I think it’s a pleasant scene to look at.

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Lol. I’m on a very slow ADSL connection, and I thought you were joking at first because the picture wouldn’t load, resulting in:


Just sent you an e-mail


Cool ok I’ll send the photo through email:)

Name of the rider is me, Fred Johansson, swede but living in Finland
Photo taken at the mountainbike winter trail near the city of Joensuu, Finland
Photograper: Henni Ylänne

Happy new year!

Honesly, I could see the fun in that. But I don’t think most people would like that kind of humor in their calendrer.

What does this refer to?

Sure, I didn’t mean that it could be released in the calendar, it was just the weird and funny contrast between “Granted, there are no mountains, deep valleys or sunsets. But I think it’s a pleasant scene to look at.” and a… Solid brown rectangle.

That reminds me of an off-topic story.
I spent hours in SpaceEngine:

It’s an accurate planetarium simulation. Not a “game” strictly speaking.
Breathtaking if you have a high-spec computer.

Since people often post wonderful landscapes on the subreddit, I thought it would be funny to do the opposite and post a boring one. It surprisingly got a bit of a success.

Top comment:

That’s an interesting change of pace from all the epic cluttered pictures this sub usually has.

I changed it.

Got it now, thanks. Yours was also a brown rectangle, and almost as boring as the one that Canapin saw and posted :slight_smile:

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I can see I was following it too. But never tried it. Space is fascinating and I’ve always watch documentaries on and off over the years.

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Photo selection is final, see picture with month numbers. The World Unicycling Calendar 2023
will soon be ready for distribution.


The World Unicycling Calendar edition 2023 is ready to be distributed.
It’s free for personal use, for anyone interested. The calendar is a 21 MB pdf file, that you can print for yourself (I recommend glossy photo paper). As of now, I’m taking requests. Send me an e-mail at unicyclist (at) xs4all (dot) nl , and please state the country where you live. There’s more info on World Unicycling Calendar


An awesome, well rounded snap shot of many unicycling disaplines.

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