Best Pictures of 2004

Our local newspaper (The Nelson Mail) came out with an insert in the paper on the last day of the year called ‘The best photographs of 2004’ - basically they collected all the best photos they had taken during the whole year and put them in a 15 page insert in the regular paper. I was quite happy to see my photo in their from when they did an article on me, so obviously they see unicycling as pretty cool.
Anyway after seeing this I thought it would be cool if we all posted our best unicycling pics of 2004. They could be of you or anyone, just the coolest unicycling pics you’ve taken this year.
I don’t have anything too amazing, but just to set an example here’s one of me mid-unispin of a bench at Makara Peak in Wellington, courtesy of Tony Melton:

I had heaps of cool pics this year, but I particularly like this one from my Cambodia trip- one of the locals trying out my Coker:


And this one from the same trip- another local:


And one of Mr Melton jumping over Wellington:


Too late at night to go through a resizing exercise, so I’ll post the links instead to a few high-res gallery photos. These are my Top 5 of 2004:

KH on the rocks above Lake Tahoe:

My son Miles riding his giraffe into the sunset at Gasworks Park.

Variation on the Miles, Gasworks, Sunset theme…

Founder and President of International Harper Day:

What happens when you piss off John Childs:

Woah, where did john childs get that shirt, it is pretty rad.

these 2 are my favourites


this is one of the best photos i have… but so many to choose from

It’s a Gilby T-shirt design. You can buy one from Gilby through the web site or meet him in person at a convention and get one. It is a cool T-shirt.

That picture was at the public show at the Portland Juggling Festival in 2004. I was in the middle of a cold and not my usual jovial self. I didn’t realize my bad vibes were emanating so clearly. But Tom has a knack for taking photos of me that make me look like a ghost or an evil being.

spose i better post a action shot

We’ve gotten quite a lot of mileage from this photo taken in east Tennessee. Its Tmorningstar (Tommy) atop Black Mountain. Its been in the paper, on tshirts, Birthday Cakes, etc… My new years resolution is to take more pix.

tommygapping halfsize.jpg

I like all of these.

Also, this one:

And this one:

All of the pictures in the link were taken in Philadelphia for a college student’s portfolio and the two pictures displayed in this post are of JVTFM (Jim) and Kyle (aka Redneck/uniracer) respectively at New York Muni Weekend.

Good times.

Thanks to my Dad I’ve had a few decent photo’s this year, well photography wise anyway, heres a couple…

Just need a few trialsy ones now.

Here is one of my favorite pictures from 2004 California MUni Weekend. Kris and others stopped to play on the rocks along the North Rim Trail in Tahoe.

October in Chicago

well, I don’t have a gallery, so i’ll just post here.




That third one wins the prize!:smiley:

What do you think of this one, uh ?
I don’t know who authored the picture. The guy in the air is Xavier Collos.
Yoggi in the air at Saulce-sur-Rhône (nov. 2003), picture by Philippe Quaglia
In South France (feb 2004), picture by Philippe Quaglia

Now, some of my pictures:
Yoggi at the 1st French Unicycle Cup (nov. 2004)
Yoggi at the 1st French Unicycle Cup (nov. 2004)
Théo at the 1st French Unicycle Cup (nov. 2004)
Basketball game at the Ris-Orangis convention (april 2004)
Indoors basketball at the Ris-Orangis convention (april 2004)
Basketball game in Saulce-sur-Rhône (nov. 2003)
Tour around Saulce-sur-Rhône (nov. 2003)

Admittedly, some pictures are from late 2003.

That first one of the big air is sweet. Did you land that? It looks like the landing would be tough due to how far apart the boards are…does it catch your tire at all? Nice shot!