Best photos of 2011

Yep, they were from this year, but I get a similar one every year, because the photographer likes hiding behind the same corner.

Come to think of it, ISTR that on the pic I saw earlier, you were a little bit more to the left (and behind). You seem to be making progress :slight_smile:

1,5 minutes!

ind 1 (7) ava.jpg

This one’s dying for a caption… :slight_smile:

That’s Tomas Nemecek and Corbin Dunn, in the ice-cold waters of the American River at the bottom of the Stevens Trail, during MUni Weekend.

And no, Corbin is not wearing a speedo.


Riding where it’s legal:
The South Fork American River Trail


During my century ride in June, at the Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts in Davis, CA. Nice fountain out front.


The MUni Weekend crew with their clothes on, also along the Stevens Trail.

In Forums terms, that group included:


why do you write your copyright thingy that big? that ruins all your photos in my opinion…

You’re right. I keep forgetting to resize it for those little pictures…

I presume so that if someone wanted to take it, they’d have to crop out a large part of the photo… Or maybe he doesn’t feel it makes THAT much of an impact. I think it looks fine personally.

But anyway, since I’m posting, I might as well:

I was just riding one day and ran across people on one of those “treasure hunt” photo projects. I dont remember which requirement this filled, but I like the picture anyway!

This is a favorite from a spring fishing trip in Canada. It was a good day of fishing and a 14+ miles of uni back to the cabin. It was nice having the KH-29 and be able to outrun the mosquitoes.


Unicycling is Awesome!

Unicycling is Awesome!

Unicycles are Cool!

Damn that was a fast year, but a great year. I have so many excellent memories of unicylcing in 11’, not sure how to deal it out.
I guess I will do it by seasons: First season is Winter

I will do the others later, Happy New Year!!!

Riding Picaboo  St001.jpg

mike smuggler with paco uphill2011-01-02.jpg

36er and travertine ice 001.jpg

Gus the Avi dog and MUni  and Pyramid Peak2011-01-23.jpg

Three of mine:

Stephen on a ledge at Moab:

Stephen on the cliff edge

Grace and Nathan on one of my favorite trails:

Grace and Nathan

George with god rays:

George on Big Trees

More like smog rays. ^^

Off Road with my KH36

Spending Much of my Riding Time on a Triton 36 with MU Disc. The disc brake is a Must have for steeper descents and technical single track! Happy New Year~


Triton MEGA MUNI 36.jpg

Check it. Click for big size


What do ya think?

These places look amazing! Where do you FIND them?