Best pedals for muni

I’m currenly running Snafus that came stock with my KH24, and i like 'em. Although they are getting a bit worn, for one the bearings don’t sound to nice, due to being sunk into mud and water on occation - and I won’t be bothered to maintain parts this cheap (they’ve lasted 1.5 years already), partly because also the body is pretty smashed up.

What I like about the Snafus (in no particular order):

  • Good grip (although only ok in the wet), whilst still being easy enough to move my feet around
  • Good mud shedding
  • Price
  • Long pins
  • Platform size (large)

What i don’t like:

  • Weight
  • Only has 4 effictive pins (the cast ones have no practical function)
  • Semi-sensitive to water and mud and such

Also it would be very nice to see what a thin pedal would do for balance and feel. I’m going to be getting 5-10 Impact 2’s also.

So then what would be my best be for a new pedal (cost not being a major concern)? I have no clue, only what I’ve read… so apply a grain of salt to the statements below.

  • Drillium - what about mud shedding?
  • Burgtec - expensive(!) without any redeeming major plus except durability (but for the price of 9 snafus…). Grip is amazing they say though, but still thick and heavy (720g).
  • Straitline - on paper these seem like the best bet, thin, light-ish (520g), durable(?), lots of pins etc…
  • Wellgo MG/Shimano DX - NO! platform is to small.
  • Sealed Snafus
  • …? - I’m sure I’ve left many good options out.




I have a pair that are from the “decathlon” sport store (make is “decathlon”)

  • big large butterfly (not too thick)
  • stick like hell (very agressive pins beware!) but I can change position by lifting my foot.
    I use those going through mud … no problem.
    best price (though not that cheap).
    had those for two years but my riding is not agressive.

Missed the edit time, just a bit to illistrate how thin the Straitlines are. (They use bushings.) I would have liked to pins to not have the big bulge at the bottom, but perhaps that not an issue for grip anyway.

Tripple trap

Rain, snow, sleet, any condition these pedals grab your feet. Thick mud just oozes thru the slots and they stay sharp. Cheap too.

Personally I go for the DMR V12, a very solid pedal, fully rebuildable and you can upgrade with mag bodies and Ti axles. You can get different length pins to adjust grip

weight : 538 g.
price: 40 Euros

i like the Drilliums. i dont have any myself but i tried them once before and there really good

for real muniing, where you sometimes have to walk, that means you need also good hiking shoes which aren’t very good on pin-pedals, i really prefere the point aliens…and they are not expensive…

(but watch your shins…they bite like hell…)

No way, vans and pinned flat pedals are just nicer. You can walk over anything you can hike on with vans, you just have to pay attention a bit. You can use the unicycle to keep balance on anything dodgy. I’ve even gone up iced over rocky slopes in vans, using the unicycle as an ice axe substitute (bung it on its side and whack the pedals into the ice for grip).

Hiking boots/shoes are overrated for hiking on foot anyway, 99% of stuff except winter in big snowy mountains or carrying massive heavy rucksacks is more fun and easier in lightweight trail running trainers.


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My next pedals (for both my trials and my muni) are going to be the Straitlines.

They have awesome grip, look snazy, have sealed bearing, and are thin which is pretty much everything I want from a pedal.

At the moment I am using DK Distortions on my trials, and they are decent, but they are pretty thick and they have a smallish platform.

I’m using wah wah man o wars on my muni right now, and I really like them, except the pins are the allen type and get ripped out easily.

edit: I wear skate shoes when I ride and I haven’t had any problems with grip yet.

I would go for the Straitlines, because the Drilliums’ pins will get ripped out.

Drilliums. Got 'em. Use 'em. Love 'em! :sunglasses:

I think I prefer pedals that are more symmetric front to back than not. I have a pair shaped kind of like the Drilliums, and I find my feet slipping off on downhills more than with Snafus. I tend to believe the smaller area to back pedal is what causes the slipping. Granted, it could just be that I’m more used to Snafus.

i dont really do muni but i have used Kona Jacksh!ts and Redline sealed CrMo pedals and the Konas have INCREDIBLE grip…i ride the redlines for trials because they have slightly less grip an i can move my feet around better

in the alps sooner or later you’re gonna kill yourself with vans… do an upd in a steep maybe wet part…and you’ll never stop… happend to me once…fell down couple meters could hold on on something…otherwise i would have gone over the edge and bite the dust…

I don’t think shoes make much difference if you go over a cliff, I’ve upd’d down a canyon before, and once you’re in mid air, you’re in mid air and your shoes aren’t gripping anything anyway.

If you fall with your feet on the trail, then whatever shoes you’re okay. I’ve never fallen and landed on the trail and ended up over a cliff, even on some pretty big trails (last year I rode in the alps for a week, NZ for several months - including some winter riding in big mountains, USA, Scotland, England).



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As always, I vote for…Shinburgers:

All the grip you need, when you need it, and the pins stay put. I’ve had the same set for two years running.


I’m a big fan of the Snafus. I ride the sealed version, which are much nicer than the non-sealed versions. I’ve had them for about 3yrs and the bearings are still buttery smooth.

Yes, they are heavy, but I’ve since come to realisation that it’s more important to have a stable platform than something that’s really light but doesn’t have the right ‘feel’. For that reason I still prefer Snafus to the uber light Wellgo MG-1s. Last thing you want is to be spinning at high revs and lose your footing or have something so grippy or tacky that you can’t adjust your foot position on it safely.


i agree snafus are amazing. i love them.

I’ve always wanted to try those pedals, I forgot to mention them in this thread.

do you have the shinburgers or the vegiburgers?