Best Pedals for Coker

I’m awaiting my Hunter frame that will make my Coker no longer have any Coker parts on it. Where I ride is quite hilly. I find that on long decents occasionally my feet will slide forward on the pedal. So far not enough to cause a problem. I have some older schwinn BMX pedals I bought because they were red. They are pinned and OK but it seems I need something grippier. I want to have new pedals for my “new” “Coker”. Does anyone have a pedal preference for hilly distance riding. Thanks in advance.

i have yellow jim clinskyes(sp?)on mine and they work great and look cool to

cilinskies are heavy. they’re built to stand up to pedal grinds on a bmx bike. they’re also flat. get something concave and pinned like snafus. for th emoney snafus would be my suggestion. you could always try clipless :slight_smile:

I have Shinburgers (mine are all black) on my amazing Dave Stockton 36er (with purple Hunter frame). They look very cool. In the rain, they are NOT grippy enough with my sneakers, but with my 661s, they are super-grippy. Everything is rounded off, so they are not as “badass” as they look (although I do know people who have bled because of my pedals). And did I mention how cool they look? :slight_smile:

I’m a big fan of the Sun Ringle Zu-Zu pedals for Coker riding. They are grippy for Coker riding and the shape makes it easy to adjust your feet on the pedals. They’re also quality pedals. I ride with Vans shoes and the Zu-Zu’s are plenty grippy even in the rain.

The trick to adjusting your feet with pedals shaped like the Zu-Zu’s is to roll your foot to the outside so only the outside edge of your foot in on the pedal. Twist or move your foot to where it is comfortable. Put your foot back flat on the pedal. Much easier to do that with pedals shaped like the Zu-Zu’s than squareish shaped pedals.

These are what I used for the Laos tour. I’m very fond of them. They’re grippy, lightweight, and have a huge platform which provides lots of foot support and more pedal positions.

I like anything made from Magnesium with sharp spikes. A good cheap one is the Azonic Fusion - I usually find them for sale somewhere for around $25. My latest experiment is with an expensive one (Azonic A-Frame Lite with Ti spindles) and they are great but the bearings are not as good as you would expect. Still 10 months of MANY miles and they are basically ok. Overall I recommend going with something cheaper that you know you’ll replace (or replace the bearings) every year.

Another one I liked was the Wellgo MG-1 but they seem to no longer be cheap. I swear I only paid $25 for the first pair 4 years ago but last year they were going for $70.


those speedplay pedals look rad, but i like some concavity to my pedals.

I haven’t done any Cokering, i have ridden a 29er though, but one thing with any pedals i have ridden on, this is my preference, but if you have the pins on the front part of your pedal, higher, then the ones on the back, it helps a lot.

You can try doing that with your pins, or another arrangement, and pedals i really like for riding, are Konas, not sure exactly what kinda they are, but they say kona on them, and i got a pair for 15 dollars at my LBS, very light, very grippy, and haven’t broke yet. =p

i still want to make a waffle iron out of a pair of those.

Hi I have found the pedels in the DMR range to be very good, totally re buildable down to the shell, go on or type DMR pedals in to google, the standard pedal is £20, the better one is £40 and the magnesium version is £50. I use a mag on my uni and a £40 on my mountain bike. They are truly excelent and can only be matched by shimano dx, which is “The” platform pedal :slight_smile: - - GO DMR

wats the shimano DX?

jerrick im pretty sure the pedals you refer to are the kona jackshits and i agree they are a very nice pedal. theyre all black with silver pins right?

I am using these with no problems
I use them on my 360 and my Muni

I use snafu’s for my coker. I would recommend trying different shoes when you ride because your shoes definitely make a difference in how much grip you have! I have found that flatter shoes with less design/tread/etc on the bottom give you the most grip.

I use snafu’s for my coker. I would recommend trying different shoes when you ride because your shoes definitely make a difference in how much grip you have! I have found that flatter shoes with less design/tread/etc on the bottom give you the most grip.[/QUO

I used to have stock plastic and they were worthless. My first upgrade was to Wellgo B-35s (yellow) which were a substantial improvement. Those moved to my trials unicycle and I put Wellgo B-25’s (chrome plated) on the Coker because they couldn’t take the MUni riding I was doing (I lost both a left and right pedal but had bought two pair.) I find the Wellgo B-25’s to be the grippiest of the bunch but they still allow me to easily move my feet on the pedals while wearing the Airwalk flat sole shoes that I use for Cokering. Since they are chrome they match anything.

I use Miyata plastic cross pedal
the problem is that they are too grippy: it is hard to place my shoe if misplaced (happens often since they have a small surface)

Yeah I ride in Vans which are great for riding. I just thought to try the Haro Big Blocks that are on my Trials. I think they’d be perfect. (Alas, my poor neglected trials uni) I like the look of a huge pedal as well as the grippiness. I really would like a set of those Speedplays, but I don’t wanna spend $100+ on pedals right now.

I ridden 2 decent rides on the Haro big block pedals. They are great. I used to have to adjust my foot position numerous times during a ride. They are huge and there is so much contact with my shoe. I feel more control on hills. These pedals a great.