Best pedal extensions

I broke one last Sunday after about a month of use. Now I’m riding 145mm zero q cranks and I really prefer a wider q.

I’m looking for something about 15-20mm and super tough. Weight isn’t as important as strength.

Never used them before but looking into them I see differences in used materials and weight.
For example this one is CrMo and 100gr at 20mm:

And this one is stainless steel with 78gr at 18mm:

I’ve also seen a lot of Aliexpress-like junk (also on Amazon) which I wouldn’t even try if I would get them for free :sweat_smile:

Of course I have no idea which ones you have now, but The links above are from well-known brands / bikeshops, so I would rely on them a lot more than the cheaper / no-brand ones. Especially “titanium” ones :wink:

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That sounds like new cranks to me.

I can’t imagine any pedal extenders holding up very well to the regular stresses of riding unicycles.

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They’re Quax cranks, so the only other option are shimano ebike cranks, but ebike cranks are usually longer. Also, I find the combination of zero q cranks and pedal extensions make it much easier to get my foot position right when I mount.

You may be right however, the hollow pedal extensions didn’t hold up for long.

Thanks, I think I’ll give the crmo ones a try.

I’m pretty sure my old ones were these. I was a little dubious about them from the start.

So you at least have the option of their Q-Axle (not Zero-Q) cranks in 145mm, but I don’t know how much additional Q-factor you gain.

That’d only help so much on the mounting side of things though.

Would just using wider platform pedals help too? What pedals are you using at the moment?

None, unfortunately.

Note that the grey “Q-axle” cranks are not bent outwards (unlike most bicycle cranks), so they won’t give you any wider stance than the black “ZeroQ” cranks.

Don’t ask me whether it makes sense to call one pair of cranks “ZeroQ”, when they are the same in Q factor as the other pair. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m currently using MZYRH’s and they seem to be alright. They’re light, pretty grippy and have held up to abuse so far.

There are various pedals on the market where there are different sizes available (crankbrothers for example). Getting bigger pedals could also allow you to place your feet further outwards without having to use the extenders…

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That might be a solution too. I’ve got unusually wide feet, 11/5E, so they tend to overlap both sides of a standard pedal. It doesn’t normally cause a problem, but on a unicycle it means I have a smaller target to aim for when I am mounting and that the edge of my shoe is very close to the crank.

I just ordered a pair of the stainless extensions. Shipping from Europe was too high on the others and I managed to find the ergotec extensions here in the states.

Hopefully being solid stainless steel they’ll hold up better than my last pair did. Judging by their website, the company seems to take pride in their history and their brand, and I take that as a good thing given some of the questionable merchandise from unknown brands that is out there today.

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