Best Muni with price limits

I am a beginner in unicycling. (1y) I am wondering- What the best 24-29" Muni I could get for $150? (not including shipping.)(Unicycle does not have to be new.)Please do not post models that are good for beginners only, because I would like this to last a few years.

It would be really helpful if someone posted the best Munis for $100 through $350 in $50 increments, so I know if it is better to continue saving.


Keep looking! Be patient. Have you connected with the local unicycle community in your area? They would provide the most help. Don’t wait to get a real “mUni” (noun) to “mUni” (verb). A cheap unicycle can ride off road. Just be careful not to thrash it. Just in case you’ve watched too many mUni highlights videos, mUni is more about rolling stuff…than 1-meter-drops. What are you riding currently? Think about how to get the most “mileage” out of your current-ride, and keep saving your money. Good luck!

If you want a sturdy MUni for $150 or less you would be looking for older used models.

You will want something with:
Splined hub, preferably ISIS for interchangeability of parts.
Double walled rim
Wide enough rim and frame for a beefy tire. Lots of MUni’s from a few years ago came with the Duro Wildlife 3.0 tire. It’s a good sign if it still has the original tire as it is less likely to be heavily used.

Some models that you might be able to find used in your price range would be older KH models, Torker DX, Nimbus II Muni, etc.

If you find something and are not sure if it is a good deal go ahead and post it up here and we should be able to tell you about the unicycle and if it would be appropriate for what you are planning on using it for.

Answering both of you.

What year(s) of KH would be affordable?
My current unicycle is broke. I would fix it, but it is a model that is not made anymore. (Nissan Unicorn) This is why I am looking for a replacement.
Is $150 a good price for a Torker DX in good condition? They have upgraded the tire and pedals.

You would be really lucky if you found a KH in good shape from after 2007 for $150, but it’s not unheard of outside the forums. The pre-ISIS models tend to go cheaper because of their obsolete crank interface making it harder to find replacement parts, but they are plenty strong.

The DX 24 that’s currently in the trading post is a pre-ISIS DX, they switched not that long ago. It looks like it was fairly well used but not abused and the new parts indicates the seller has taken care of it. I had one and they are solid but heavy. I actually swapped out the frame for a cheep nimbus frame to save some weight.

Be aware it uses a proprietary crank interface and unusual bearing size. The cranks are tubular steel, really strong but can dent if used for crank grabs or grinding, not usually something you have to worry about. The bearings have a funny inner diameter but the outside dimensions are the same as on a standard square taper unicycle. The new bearings is probably a good thing as they are the only thing other than the tire that wears out on these things.

If you haven’t I would try sending the seller a personal message as many low post count members don’t check the site regularly and he might not know you put an offer on his unicycle.


Any idea on where in the web used KHs are sold?

The trading post on this forum, eBay, Craigslist, search on Google…

And if someone lists a Kris Holm muni for $150, a lot of us will be trying to get it before you do. :slight_smile:

If someone lists a KH for $150 I’ll be climbing into my swimming cossie :stuck_out_tongue:

Trading Post - Sale

Check out the Trading Post:
If you can’t afford them now, these three unicycles will give you an example of what’s out there. If fact, these appear to be very reasonable.
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