best Muni under $500?

I’m pretty new to unicycling, but I’m in it for the long haul. I can now free mount my 24" Savage, and ride off road. I also managed to strip the threads out of my left crank, where the pedal screws in. I am fixing it, but I feel the call of a new Muni…
So, I’m asking for advice, as I’m looking to get a Muni, 24" or 26" and I can spend around $500. I’m 5’10, 165lbs. I will be using it for riding off road, with my mtn bike friends, and continuing my learning progression. What are your recommendations for my new Muni?

definitely kh24

i did about a month of nonstop reasearch on this subject (looking for munis at a price below 500), and it came down to the onza 24" and the kh24. i ended up going with the kh24 because it had the 3 inch wheel instead of the 24x2.6 on the onza. also, there are just a ton of reviews out there on the internet (of the kh24), and all the buyers were VERY satisfied and loved their kh24. i was unable to find hardly any reviews for the onza 24" :frowning:

its pretty amazing that we both had 24" savages and wanted to upgrade to a muni less than 500$

the kh24 is 449 and the onza is 399, but you just can’t go wrong with the kh24. its got the amazing kh seat that is constantly raved about; its got a mount for a brake if you really get serious; the problems about the ankle-biting nubs has been fixed with the new generation; the wheel is 24x3; and most importantly its kris holm!! :slight_smile:

i hope i’ve convinced you. believe me, i’ve done all the research. you can waste a month of your life doing the same research as me but you’ll just come up with the same answer: the kh24


The Kris Holm 24 inch muni is the best choice for a sub $500 muni. Heck, it’s the best choice for a sub $800 muni.

The KH muni is currently out of stock. I believe the new ones are going to have ankle friendly cranks. The first generation KH cranks have a nub that sticks out. That nub can bang up your ankles. The next generation cranks should fix that problem.

The KH is a strong muni. It will be able to take abuse. For aggressive riding it can’t be beat (at least not in the sub $500 price range). You can do jumps, do drops, abuse it, and it will come back for more.

The KH 24 isn’t the best muni for all situations. If your intent is to ride dirt roads and buff trails then a 26" or 29" muni might be better. What makes for the “best” muni does depend on how and where you’re going to ride it. For most people and for most riding the KH 24 is the best, but there are situations where a different muni would make more sense.

What kind of trails are you going to ride? How aggressive do you plan on getting? Do you want to plow over things or go for speed? Smooth buff trails or rocky rooty trails? Steep trails or flat trails? All that makes a difference for determining what’s the best muni.

I’ll put my vote in for the KH24 as well.

Have a look at the Yuni/Nimbus; cheaper than the KH by a long way, but still excellent machines.

They won’t stand up to massive drops, but if you don’t do big drops they’re good- mines lasted 3 years of pretty much daily riding on and off road.

Plus, if you get a 28" frame, with the money saved you could get another wheel (maybe a 29-er with short cranks) for variety as well as a muni wheel. Plus the essential tools (eg crank puller etc).

But, if you’re wanting the big drops, go for something stronger.

The KH24 gets my vote too! Other than breaking the seat which seems to be common law, it has held up VERY well! I ride about 15+ miles a week of very rough/rooty trail with some North Shore stuff and it handles the damage I throw at it!
I’d buy another before I bought anything more expensive.

Hi Duncan. Ignore all these previous posts and listen to me. The KH24 is the best Muni under $500.00. :smiley: --chirokid–

ignore everyone’s previous post except for chirokid, zod, bugman, john childs, and myself :slight_smile:


I would probably have to agree with the others, if price (as long as it is under $500) is no object.

I am intrigued by an offering at called the Qu-ax. It has a splined hub/crank set which owners report is very solid. The frame is a knee-knocker, but the web-site says it can give you another frame if you like. The fat frame comes with brake bosses. You can get it with Magura’s and a 3" Gazzalodi for under $500, or brakeless with a 3" Duro for just under $300.

I had a rim shipped from them not long ago which arrived in California in under 3 weeks (from Germany). Shipping was reasonable.

I think the best choice is the Onza, it is lighter than the KH, had a 36 splinted hub and you can easy upgrad it with a 3.0 inch wheel.


The KH25 is the bomb, but if you get a Gaz tire, a Mag. brake, and the rail adapter for the seat (all three are vaulable upgrades of for step terrain), the price will be closer to 650 bones.



the 24 ONZA comes with a small rim. Not the best chois for a big 3.0" tire.


yea, if you can find a kh25 get it, cuz its probably extremely rare and worth a lot. otherwise, get a kh24 :wink:


Right you are. I’ve got the only one. But I hear the KH24 is basically the same MUni, just an little smaller than mind.


I think it’s an Alex double wall jobby, I can’t see it being that bad.

Just choose whichever you think looks shinyest, either one of them will do the job nicely.


In which case the onza wins hands down. Just look at those oh-so-shiny cranks! Mmmmmmm… dribbles

I carry a small polishing kit when muni-ing to ensure the cranks always look their finest. No good getting any of this dirty mud stuff on them, you know.


still thinking

I now have a KH 24 wheelset on my Yuni frame. This is an excellent set-up, weighing less than the KH frame. You can order this frame, a KH seat, and seat-post and a KH wheelset if you want to save a few bucks. The Yuni frame works great for one-footing.

I think that the 24" Onza comes with an Alex rim that is narrower than the DX 32, and that it might not work that great with a 3" tire, since fat tires on narrower rims tend to fold on side-hops. I definitely prefer the 3" tires over the 2.6’s or 2.7’s

Re: still thinking

Did you need any spacers for that? Or do the bearing fit the frame without spacers?

It fits with everthing supplied, but the spacers that fit in the larger KH bearing housings stick out so it looks a bit odd from certain angles but you don’t really notice it when riding. I bent one one on the one crank grab I’vedone on my muni tho. Still takes nothing away from the performance. Dunno if you can see this on my muni or not.

Oh yeah, I know it’s not a Yuni frame, but a Qu-Ax one, but it’s essentially the same and I had a Nimbus II on before with the same wheel.


Didn’t need spacers.

The bearings have a larger outside diam. than the Yuni is designed for, but work OK so far. I did need to install slightly longer bolts through the bearing holders. I tend to use things as-is until they break. If this kills my bearings, I’ll get new ones.

This wheel-set is one I bought off of DudleyDoRide last week, with the intention of giving it to my poor bro.-in-law. But I’m having such fun with it, I might hold it for a while first. I still have my Wilder frame and Profile set-up, but the Yuni is fun for one-footing, and feels barely any heavier than my Wilder/Profile. In fact, if I had ridden this one first I might not have gotten the Wilder at all!

Also, this KH/Alex DX 32/3" Duro Leopard combo. seems to grip better when Pecking up hills than my 26" wheel with Duro tire for some reason. Don’t ask me why. And it is significantly lighter than the GAZZ/Sun Doublewide/Profile combo.