Best Muni/Trials Unicycle.

I know there have been many other threads about this. But here is another. What would be the best unicycle from for under $350. I would be doing urban trials and muni. The biggest drop I would go off of would only be about 3 feet. I weigh around 125 pounds and live in the US. Thanks.

I forgot to add that I would most likely want a 20" cause thats what I ride right now but I guess a 24" might be ok too.

Qu-ax 'nough said

Which Qu-ax are you talking bout?

I think a summit trials uni (ever heard of it?) would be ideal for your price range. You can’t buy them new anymore but sometimes they go up on ebay barely used. They are splined, and basically the Kris Holm trials uni 2004 version, only a tad bit heavier. I would go for a summit because they arent too expensive (usually $300 or less), and are really solid, just as solid as the KH because it is the same wheel and cranks and hub.

but you dont have to take my word for it


Yea i agree because for 350$$ thats the best one and its pretty close to the same 04 modles of the Kh and the kh’s and like 4hundred sumthing

Which Qu-ax??

The 20 inch for trials, 24 inch for muni. You can probably do trials better on the 24 than you can do MUni on the 20.


Summit if you can find one. I paid $212 for mine+KH Fusion, post and Primos, so it was more like $316, but still pretty good for basically a heavier 04 KH.