Best MUNI places to ride in the US

Alright guys, fess up. I’m moving to the states for a few weeks to meet my bro in New Hampshire…

i want to do some travelling around the whole country during that time…

recommend me a state… something awesome like Moab, Utah or California.

What’s the top places to muni in? im after all kinds of muni… xc, dh, forest terrain, dry rock terrain EVERYTHING

post pics too please!


go to canada it rules… whislter northshore and all that

San Diego and Santa Barbara both have awesome trails and awesome people to ride with :slight_smile:

NH has some great places too… It’s kinda the off season though :wink: Mt Major in Alton is good, there’s the Fox State Park (I think it’s Fox, I haven;'t been in years)… There are some mtb sites that go over trails. I have a book of mtb trails for NH & Maine, but alas, it’s packed in a box somewhere…

I wish I knew. Does anyone know?

You’re asking a practically unanswerable question. I’m sure there are lots and lots of good places to ride. Look where the major mountain ranges are, and you’re bound to find something good there.

I know California has some really good stuff from what I’ve seen… There’s also a bunch of riders in California, so that’s another plus.

Several advanced MUni trails in Santa Barbara. Mostly shuttles but you can also hike/ride up and ride down, which I prefer!

colorados got some good stuff, but inless you want to wait till the snow melts in march your out of luck