Best Muni in Adelaide? (AUS)

Hey South Australians,

We are thinking of relocating to Adelaide next year and I thought I’d may as well look for a place to live near some nice trail systems. I’m interested in anything offroad, XC to DH.

Any good trails south of the city? I’ve heard there are some tracks in the Belair area?



Howdy Sam,

Don’t worry, there are heaps of great places to ride muni around Adelaide. My favorite location is Eagle Mountain Bike park located in the hills just east of the city. Lots of downhill and XC tracks all through the park, plus some serious black diamond runs if you feel like really pushing yourself.

Around Belair and Mt Lofty there’s also a myriad of firetrails with some single track as well, you can spend the day up there riding around and getting lost!

There are also a fair few trails a little bit of a drive out of town, or for weekend trips further afield there is a heap of great singletrack up around the mountain bike mecca of Melrose, about 4 hours north of Adelaide.

It’s a bummer you’re not coming this year, as I’m leaving Adelaide at the end of this year to move OS. There are a handful of MUNI riders around town, plus some younger guys pretty into trials and flat as well. Adelaide is also home to the world famous “UniTramps”, Suedey and Sman, who rode unsupported from Darwin to Adelaide earlier this year.

We also play unicycle polo every sunday, along with the cool cats from the Adelaide Bike Polo Club.

All round, lots of one wheeled stuff happening in Adelaide, hopefully it’ll be right up your alley!


Dmac :slight_smile:

You could do worse than checking

I personally like Fox Creek the best. If you like steeeep stuff, try the trails around Kersbrook.

Let me know if you make it here, I’m always up for a ride.

Thanks for the info/tips guys.

I’ll probably look for somewhere around Pasadena/Clovelly Park south of the city. That way I’ll have access to Shephards Hill rec park/Saddle Hill/Lynton (I read that they might be being joined together) mid week and I go futher afield on weekends.

I figure the closer I live to the trials the higher the chance I’ll actually go riding :stuck_out_tongue: