Best ideas on practice

I’m hoping to get some input on best ways to practice. Currently, I can ride about 50-60 ft. before losing my balance. It’s usually because I run out of driveway and end up on the lawn where it’s not as smooth. I find that if I go faster I go farther, but have a bit less control. Going slower affords me a different opportunity in that I get to feel the “balance issues” more and can practice trying to stay on instead of worrying about distance.

Now that my seat post is higher (talked about this in a different thread) and I have a uni that is a bit bigger (Nimbus MUNI 24" w/ street tire), I feel more stable (was riding a 20" Sun). I just want to be the most efficient in how I practice so that I progress as quickly as possible.

Thanks for any input.

Just keep doing what you’re doing? You can already ride! It should take only a few more hours and you should be able to go for a few hundred feet. Find somewhere else that has a long stretch of flat road.

Keep up the quality and the frequency too. For example, you don’t always want to try to go the max distance every time. See if you can ride a shorter distance but with more control including the dismount. Time and patients. You can do it!

When I progressed to that point I moved my practice from the front yard to a local school’s 1/4 mile racing track. Smooth, paved, and the ride could last as long or as short as I wanted.