best frame for a custom trials?

Buy me a good TIG welder and we will see.

so anyone hav anymore ideas for me???

so is there any other frame out there that would be lighter and better than the KH that i could pretty much get in the US or canada?

Nope. The KH is the lightest (not sure about the koxx frames like the xtp and black domina but those aren’t available yet in the US or Canada anyway.)

Low blow mate, low blow. :wink:

yea thats what i thought that the KH would be the best…ok well if anyone has one they built or brought(the whole thing not just the frame) thats lighter than 5.2 kg thats lik 11.5 pounds i believe and can take a beating i would love to know!

what gauge spoke?

12 i believe at 3-cross

What’s the proper gas? What makes a good TIG welder? Do you even know what kind of electrode to use on aluminum? How about the polarity?

In all honesty, the only 17 year old I’d expect to be able to make a frame that even rivals the KH is Evan Byrne, when he reaches that age, and he has hundreds of hours doing this crap. I’ve worked for 2 years in a metal shop specializing in making $20,000+ metal fabrications for cities and private buyers. I have my own shop, access to three machine shops, two complete welding shops, a sheet metal shop, and a foundry. I still don’t think I could go out and out build the KH frame without plenty of failures, and I doubt there are many people here who could.

Welding is nothing. Any idiot can run a nice bead using a stupid buzz-box from Home Depot. Making something functional, visually satisfying, and economical is another story. Before you decide to build a custom frame, think really hard about how much you value metalworking skills. You will have to spend months learning the basics of the craft, before any reasonable shop owner even lets you touch his $7,000 TIG welder.

I never said I could do it first try like you make it out to sound.

Obviously I would come up with a design, make some cheaper ones out of 4130, then move to the Aluminum.

It’s not like I said, hey that’s easy as cake, I’m going to go do it up in my garage with tens of thousands of dollars of equipment first try.

Who are you to judge my skills? You don’t know me, you don’t know my experience, and you sure as hell aren’t in a position to tell me what I can and can’t do.