best frame for a custom trials?

hey just wondering what frame you guys would use if you were goin to build your own trials!!! im trying to get some ideas for later on, and if u hav anything else to recommend for a custom trials let me know.(im looking for something really lite)

KH 06-07
Koxx XTP


building your own frame is the best thing to do:D like I am going to do.
the KH is the best light frame, bedford frame is also good but heavy

heres a custom job i built up a short while ago. i really reccomend it. it’s light and really strong. total weight is about 5.2kg i think.

KH 07 fame, street saddle, post and clamp
Koxx isis hub and cranks
VIZ rim
jimmy c’s
maxxis cc

id go the KH frame, its by far the best unless you want the xtp which i bet you dont

Are the Koxx hub and cranks lighter than the kh hub and cranks?

As ‘torkerdx’ said, the only thing to go with a custom trials uni is a custom trials frame. It’s a lot of work and frustration but it’ll feel good in the end. :slight_smile:


just make sure she’s wide enough to fit a tyre you want aye.

Kh hub and cranks at 137 are 1.256kg, and Koxx hub and cranks at 140mm are 1.248kg.

the difference is 8 grams in favour of koxx

Then how is your unicycle lighter than the stock kh.


different rim - VIZ 19" 46mm

hub and cranks are a whole 8 grams lighter :stuck_out_tongue:

ive cut down my seat post a lot cause im really short

im using a thinner tube cause thats all my big shop has got

my jimmy c pedals might be lighter than snafus i think.

ive got a different gauge of spokes aswell.

all the little weight differences really add up fast dont they.

I guess so.

Im partial to the KH myself but the Bedford or the Nimbus are also good choices. Or you could do like i did origionally and just use an old round crown frame. Heres a shot of it… It looks like theres no clearnce but thers about a 1/4" on each side.

i think the best thing for your custom trials frame is the prototype KH frame (06/07) i am selling. personally handed to me by kris himself. it’s sooo beautiful. if your interested PM me and i can give you picks.

If you already have experience building cycle frames, I agree. Otherwise, it’s still a great way to learn about frames, design, building, etc. but will not necessarily get you a “better” frame, especially on the first try. The advantage of a manufactured frame is that all or most of the kinks have already been worked out, and it’s built by people with lots of experience, so the quality is going to be solid.

Same applies to a frame you design, but is built by someone with framebuilding experience. You can do well there also, but it’ll cost you.

Beyond that, you’re experimenting. A frame that works for you will most likely end up being heavy, and may not end up being as strong as you want. Or be super-strong, but also super-heavy. But don’t let that discourage you if you want to try your hand, that’s how new things get invented, and where innovation starts!

Get me a TIG welder with the proper gas, I’ll show you how good a frame can be built. Sure the aluminum will be expensive to an extent… but I bet I can build a frame just as good as a KH.

EDIT: I could also heat treat it. More strength right there.

Im pretty sure the snafus are lighter than the Jimcs because the jimcs are bricks. they are awsome bricks but they are heavy.

How many welding projects have you done already that have seen the impacts and stresses a unicycle frame might experience? How are those projects holding up? Did they need any repairs?

You bet? Willing to put your money where your mouth is?

wow maestro you are so intimidating

you could always have something built for you frame wise. i’m tall, and was friends with george barnes before he stopped making unicycles so i got a custom frame from him. it’s sweet.
it weirds me out that people on these forums refer to a “custom uni” as something put together from off the shelf parts.

Confidence is a good quality for any custom builder to have. But until it’s built and tested, nobody can be sure.