Best Cranks

What do you guys think are the best cranks according to strength and weight? I’m looking for the lightest cranks I can find without losing any of the strength. Right now I own a pair of 125 Moment Cranks. I’m looking for longer 137s. Impact, Nimbus, Mad4one? What are the weight of the moment cranks? I know their supposed to be bombproof but i don’t know about the weight.

Koxx-one reinforced in 140s strong and lighter than moments

Only in 140s?

yes. it feels almost exactly the same as 137 moments

That would fit on my Nimbus, right?

yes. I like them alot and the light ones are strong enough for me to do 6ft drops.

The reinforced 140s are out of stock on their site. Do you know anywhere else I could get them?

KH spirit cranks are what you want.


I want them, but too expensive…

Then you already have the cranks you want :wink:

I like Tensile cranks (140mm) a lot, strong and light… but unfortunatly not produced anymore (maybe you can get tham cheap somewhere???)

i couldnt find any. when i was building my trials i couldn’t find any.

Think about it this way. You buy one pair of good cranks and use them until your legs fall off.

Or you end up buying two pair of not-as-good cranks since the first pair fails.

Now which is cheaper?

This method applies to purchasing just about any type of equipment. My ma taught the concept to me as “Buy nice or buy twice”

That may be true, but the OP is not shying away from nice cranks to buy cheapo ones. He’s questioning the value of buying expensive, newly released Spirit cranks when right now you can get Moments for half the cost. The Moments will not fail, they’re just not the new thing.

Joe @CompulsionCycles has Tensiles but they cost more than the 137mm Spirits and weigh the same.

What did you decide on?

I think i’m gonna try and go for the koxx-ones

light or reinforced?

Will the lights still hold up for me? On their site, they have a sale.

they will be fine i bet. i did 6ft drop with them and i weigh 220#

He doesn’t say the intended usage or anything about his weight or riding style.

Moment cranks might be fine for trials or street, but they are too heavy for most people who ride on the road.

I’ve been using the Spirit cranks now, and pretty happy with them (will post a review on Adventure Unicyclist next week).

Previously my favourite road crank were the Quax ones- they’re still better in terms of q-factor, but I’m sold on the two hole Spirits (I was wrong about the double hole too- it makes life easier esp if you are running disc brakes and Schlumpf hubs).