Best Buy on Carbon Fiber seat???

I have 91$, after 3 months of saving, im ready to buy a carbon fiber seat, im buying a new one. I was wondering if there were any other places for carbon fiber seat that cost less than 80 bucks with 10 buck shipping?

Like one of those websites for cheap KH’s that save you like 100 bucks, i was looking on the internet, ebay ect… and couldnt find anything.

No, carbon fiber bases aren’t mass produced like that. You can get one from udc, bedford or scott wallis. I am pretty sure you won’t get it cheaper than that.

also, according to Erik, its acutally cheaper to get one from

Slightly, its $74US instead of $79. I figured shipping from the UK would be more than $5 extra.

ok, i think ill order it today after school!

Is it light?
How does it feel, is it hard so it hurts?
has anyone ever broken one?

i have a CF seat on my old trials…its pretty strong…i got it used and i didnt like how the guy had the padding in the seat though, but they can be comfortable if cushioned right…

it doesn’t really change the comfortness of the seat… I wouldn’t get it unless you have broken the base of the seat.
also it’s kinda hard to dril the holes in so I messed mine up a little.
I thought it got less comfortable than what I used to have.

Bought it

I just now bought it off!
cannot wait for it!

and yes, i did break the base of the seat, 2ce.

Erik has broken one, Ryan atkins has broken one, and i think a couple other people too.

they are really stiff and nice.

Mine flexes now, its not supposed to. Luckily I have Evan’s old Wallis base that I will use once I buy a seat post for it.

For like 10 bucks you can get a stiffener plate and put it in an myaita or kh base and boom, Saved 70 bucks over a cf base.

uhemm coughcoughcough
don’t tell anyone, its my thing :wink: