best bc wheel

what is the best bc wheel that you can get, or how is the best way to build one.

There aren’t very many places to buy BC’s… most people make them as far as i know.

you can order them from Darren Bedford, and, but i’m not too sure on the strength of the UDC one. But you can piece one together from parts. You’ll want to talk to Evan Byrne about this issue. He’s like, the bc man. (he makes pretty sick plates too…)

I just need to buy the wheel I’ll make the plates I talked to a guy at a bike shop he recomended a 48 spoke double walled rim with a big axle has good parts. They even have free wheel builds. You need to get a 14mm axle or else it will bend. I have heard that the oddessey hazard hub is good although Evan seemed to be having a problem with it. Darren makes really nice BCs too just at danscomp you can customize it and pick whatever parts you want. I have two Bedford BCs and they are awesome.

You’l want a 24" unless you are going to plan on doing high jump contests on them, even still i recomend a 24".

I would get the hub from, get one of the odyssey hazard hubs. has great 24" and 26" stuff along with spokes and great tires

thanks you have been helpful

I’ve built some bc plates. They where 15 cm long, 9 cm high, and 10 cm wide.