best bc movies

i like those threads about best uni movies but i want to see best bc one too

post a link of your best bc movie pls

Um, well here is my last one.

Here are my first 2 (not very good ones)
My first bc movie
My second one

Oh and I’m working on a movie right now too, it is mostly uni but will have some BCing in it.

yeah i saw that one, it’s good :o)

keep it up pls everyone

Probably not what you’re looking for, since there’s only about 5 seconds of actual BC riding in it, but you still may find it interesting - Roman and I making the Rocket BC Wheel

There’s also a video of Devon and I attempting BC ‘limbo’, but it’s really not much of a video.


That rocket bc movie is one of my favorites! I want to try one of those.

post post post

Not very many people have bc movies…Evan has some good ones but I’d say most of the internet bc movies are from either me or evan.

I’ll have a new video soon…my brother edits everything though so he’ll probably post it.