Best bang for my buck?

Its been ages since ive been on here. I havent had a unicycle for the longest time, and Ive decided to sacrifice a little cash and get back into the sport. I want a 20" trials and ive got a decent sum of money to spend. The obvious best choice would be a Kris holm, However I cant help but feel that I am spending unnecessary money on the name. Nimbus looks like like they have come quite a ways from the time I threw in the towel. The gremlin looks pretty sharp. I havent put too much effort into searching around but I figure somebody who has been in the loop could fill me in as to what the good choices are on the market nowadays. Thanks in advance for any help.

I don’t have a trials cycle, but I’ve been happy with the 2 nimbus cycles I have.

From what I hear the Nimbus cycles are tough as nails. With a KH you will save some weight. Not sure if it really has any more strength than a nimbus.

oh, and K1 is having some super sale or something?? There’s a thread for it on the first page, you may want to check that out and save yourself a hundred bucks or so. I think they’re comparable to a nimbus, but I’m not 100% on that either.

To sum up: I have no definite answers and no clue what I’m talking about : ]

You could also get a custom addict or koxx one uni from here

Damn those koxx cycles on ebay are dirt cheap. I think I made up my mind already!

Yeah, I’d get a K-1 from either ebay,, or
they’re really cheap right now

they’re even cheaper from Meijers:

Coupon code that takes and additional $25 off any order of $175 or more. [Thanks to GShoe]