Best 29'er

Whats a good 2’er and tire to get. I was thinking this one

I want to be able to put a t79 handle on it, and PLEASE don’t tell me to get a Coker, because its just not worth it for me.

I bought one about 20 months ago, got used to the big wheel, started using it to commute and do various long rides, offroad and on. The Big Apple tyre takes some getting used to - it’s fairly heavy and can behave strangely on road crown. But lots of folks like it, and once I got used to it I quite liked it too. Since then I’ve converted it to an XC muni by putting on a Kenda Klaw tyre and longer cranks, and have had some enjoyable XC rides on it in that configuration.

More recently, I’ve realised that I sometimes want to ride a long distance on roads / paths before coming to the XC trails I want to ride. For comfort and convenience, I added a T7 handle to it. Looks good, nice to use. I’m happy with it. Note that you need to get a rail-compatible seatpost to use the T7.

Also worth noting that you might want to consider if you’d prefer the Gel saddle it comes with (which isn’t the one pictured) or if you’d be better off with something like the KH Fusion Freeride or something else altogether. I like the Nimbus Gel, I like the KH Freeride too. I’m not yet sure which I prefer.

The reason I converted the Nimbus to a muni was that I bought a 36". I wasn’t ready to step straight up to 36" straight away but once I realised how cool big wheels were I had to get one. The 29 can still do everything the coker can do though (although it’s not as fast), and it has many advantages too. For these reasons, I generally think a 29er is a good move into big wheeling regardless if whether you want a coker, and the Nimbus 29er is a nice uni.

I think this is a good one :slight_smile:

I have one just like it, and it’s highly impractical…but amazing nonetheless!

I think that is a racing unicycle.

I have a 29er (Yuni I think) with a Big Apple tire. I have not tried any other tires on it but I do have significant issues with road crown. I like the 29er because it is much lighter than a 36er. I tried a T7 handle and it just got in my way so I took it off. I enjoy riding around town and my neighborhood on the 29er.

With shorter cranks (125mm) you will get more of the “road uni” feel. With longer cranks (150mm) you will have more control.

I have been riding the torker 29er alot … it’s really good and very light (12 pounds). i would suggest it for sure! i think it is also cheaper then the 29 your looking at!
just my idea

Hahaha…I guess I should have my my sarcasm a little more apparent. I was kinda joking :slight_smile:

I do have one like that, though, and I love it.

thanks for all the imput. I think im going to go with a nimbus with a big apple and a T7

In that case it would be :roll_eyes:


So, I guess you are going to use it for road use.

For next time: It would have been nice if you put in the title, or at least in your first post, what you want to do w/ it and your budget. For example, if you wanted to mostly do Muni on it, a KH would probably be better, and if you were thinking the AX, but hated the LX seat (like me) that might push you away from it. Or if you could afford it, a Schlumph.