Bent torker tx

Well yesterday I thought I would go ride because I haven’t in a while and my cousin wanted to see me ride. I thought I would get my tx out and mess around on it. Well needless to say it broke(it happened one time while I was mounting it) . What happened was whenever I went to put the seat under me leg the seat dropped and hit the ground. After the unicycle hit I fell and landed on the unicycle. Well I was wonder what ways there is to fix it. I have thought about putting it in a vice and then trying to bend it but I don’t want to chance breaking it. I don’t know if it will work or not but I was wondering what everyones ideas were on fixing it.

Got photos?

Did the frame bend or did the seatpost bend? If you’re lucky it’s just the seatpost.

Giraffe frames do get a lot of abuse from falling hard to the ground. Even the old Schwinn giraffe frames can bend. Some people ended up welding on reinforcing gussets around the bottom bracket (middle bracket?) to strengthen the frame.

That’s also the reason that professional model giraffes are heavy and overbuilt. They need to be built like that so the frame will hold up without bending.

I don’t got photos now but I’ll take some. Also I know it’s the frame and not the seat post just because of where it’s bent. you can’t even pedal it

Heard of LX, and DX, whats an TX?

Steel frames can be straightened. A good bike shop, especially one that builds custom frames, will have the tools necessary to straighten the frame and check to make sure it is in alignment. For example, steel bike forks can be straightened if they have been bent in a crash.

Getting the frame straightened and reinforced is one option. Another option would be to call Torker and find out how much a new frame would be. Could be cheaper to get a new frame and then transfer all the parts to the new frame than to get the frame fixed.

if im not mistaken, the TX is the giraffe line of torkers

Dont worry about it youre not mistaken. :stuck_out_tongue:

I took the photos I’m just waiting on my dad to load them to the comp

What does the T, D, and L stand for in the DX, LX, and TX?
wht does the X stand for?

There was an old thread here that says what people thought they all mean.

I’m having a hard time looking up that post?
cannot find it, can you point me in the right direction?

I’ll see if I can find it. I don’t remember it that great but I’ll look and see if I can find it because I’m pretty sure there was a thread about it

maby I should just make a thread asking that s you dont have to find it, then the question will be answered.

whould you because I’m curious again since I can’t find it

Jerrick to the rescue again. His post explaining the Torker naming theory.

whos jerrick?

DX = Deluxe
TX = Tall
LX = Luxury
CX = Cheap

not what they stand for, but hey, it works.

my friends tx’s seat post tube bent, im sure the seat post bent too but wen we look at it we can tell that the seat post tube is bent…
we didnt know wat it was from, but its from all the falling the uni did?

Most likely from the giraffe falling hard. You can also bend the frame by doing things like running mounts.

The TX isn’t a strong giraffe frame so you should try to take it easy on it. If you start doing skills that bend the TX frame it’s time to think about getting a better giraffe if you want to continue like that. Unfortunately better giraffes are expensive. UDC is making some better giraffes in their Nimbus line. Beyond that and you’re looking at custom made frames and that will get even more expensive.

And don’t forget about Bedford. He knows his giraffes and may have some more sturdy giraffes.