Bent Cranks On A KH20

Over time, my cranks have bent. My uni is totally rideable, but I fear someday that might change. I doubt there’s anything I can do. But I ask anyway… Is there anything I can do?

Buy new cranks?
I think I’m going to buy new ones for my KH20, so I don’t have my ankle bleeding all over me. But I just ordered ankle guards, so if I bought new cranks, the guards would be a waste.

I think it’s possible to have them heated up and bent back then ‘set’ in place again so you don’t lose much strength. I don’t know what I’m talking about though. I bought new ones.


I think this problem extends to the axle and like parts.

This is worth checking out. The cranks are by and far the weakest part (reletively). The hub does not normally twist.

I would not recommend heating and twisting them back as you will loose some streingth as the steel is CrMO and you will be tempering it.


Thanks Roger. I think if it ever gets bad I’ll try getting some new cranks. Good to know it’s probably that though. I thought it might be a lot worse but I don’t think I could do much damage to that hub.

Yeah a while ago I noticed my KH cranks were not sitting at 180 degrees to each other but it turned out that they were just loose (even though you couldn’t feel it moving about).


Wimp! :smiley:


they still make profiles btw.