Bent Bearing Cap

So my wheel wasn’t running free for any length of time no matter how loose or tight the bolts were on the bearing cap so i took it to the LBS to see if the mechanic could help any. He discovered that one of the bearing holders was bent and he thought that he could straighten it by inserting it and bending it while inserting the straight one, or something. All i know is he broke the bearing :astonished: and had to order another one. However he was left with the entral section of the bearing stuck on the axle…he thinks he can weld a washer to it and pull it with a bearing puller that way, but he’s not sure.

Anyone ever have anything similar happen?

Can you let us know the name of the bike shop. Just to make sure that no one else ever takes a unicycle there. Sounds like a scary place to me, and not somewhere that I would ever want one of my unicycles to end up!


It was Specialist Cycles in Meadowfield near Durham, but to be fair to him he’s not charging me for the breakage and he said he’d give me some store credit for the time inconvenience.

Here’s hoping he rings back later to tell me he’s got it mended and i can take my precious home again.

i miss my unicycle, how weird is that?