Ben's 6' giraffe running jump mount video clip

One of the strange phenomenon of going to conventions is that our total number of unicycles seems to increase by convention’s end. Our club now has a new 6’ giraffe from to add to our show presentation potential.

If you recall, Ben learned to mount our 5 footer by a running jump mount during Memorial Day weekend, 2002.

It didn’t take him long to put up a mount on the 6 footer. I tried to uploaded the video clip of his mount to the bengiraffe page but it ended up on the page of our NAUCC pictures. Here’s the link:

As it takes awhile to upload with dial-up service, I’ll leave the clip there for now and move it later.


Brucetoad, he he

That’s really cool! I needed a couple guys to help me get on’s 5-footer by the track. He makes it look so easy, which I’m sure it’s not!

I’m very impressed!



And I really like the sequence of pictures. It’s nice to be able to see some of the development of the skill.

Ben, you make it look easy enough that I’m tempted to try’n learn this mount before learning the traditional giraffe free mount.


Great mount. I wish I’d bought that 5 footer I saw in that junk shop years ago. By the way, who’s is the canoe on the car? That’s another of my hobbies that I’m suffering withdrawal symptoms about at the moment. The weather was excellent over here (Scotland) this weekend and all my toys (canoe & unicycle etc.) are stuck in a shipping container :frowning:

Hey Bruce,

That’s awesome riding by the lad. I’m looking foward to my lunch today to try it - though I’m not very optimistic. He makes it look far too easy!


I love the videos. I modeled my coker freemount after Ben’s. I know there’s a 6 footer in my future now.


The canoe is actually ours but some friends were borrowing it for a skit at church. It’s a fiberglass canoe that I had repaired but the last time some high schoolers borrowed it, they hit something under the water and now it leaks again. Fiberglass is easy to repair but I’m thinking of getting rid of it and trying to find a more modern material canoe.



Let me let you in on one little secret, though. Ben can get up high enough on the 5 footer so the tire doesn’t slide or skip away from him but he was having the tire sliding problem on the 6 footer. So, if you notice, he mounted on the slight uphill slope at the bottom of our driveway. It worked fine and was just enough to keep the tire from slipping along the pavement.