beginner unicycle advice

So I converted my friend to unicycling :slight_smile: and she was lookin around for a good all around unicycle. She said later she definantly wants to do tricks but nothing super intense. Her budget is bout $200 but she said she’ll go higher if need be. She was looking at a toker dx like mine but she didnt wanna spend that much so I recommeded the torker lx. Any better suggestions. Also she wanted to be able to go places so she wanted a 24" that could maybe handle a lil off road for light trial rides with me.

That’s tough to come up with a good uni for. I would say that she should think about a torker lx 24". In my experience torker lx’s are pretty tough. Simple tricks like hopping, riding one footed and wheel walking are all quite doable on a 24". If she wants to do more then that at some point she will probably have to purchase multiple wheels.

what kind of tricks? High impact stuff? Also light trial rides or light trail rides?

A 24" can do tricks (a bit harder w/ most than a 20), is a bit faster, more so w/ short cranks. Torker LX is a good learner. If your friend starts doing drops of 2’+ start looking for a uni w/ a splined hub. When she gets the uni have her check that everything is tight on the uni when she gets it, all my unis came w/ something loose (3 had loose spokes)

Fixed That is if you mean rides down forest TRAILS. TRIALS uses a 19" usually & a lot of hopping.

Light TRAIL rides an small jumps
sorry about that

I made the same mistake several times when I was a newb :roll_eyes:

A 2.4" tire will fit in that frame, 2.6" w/ some grinding of the underside of the crown (if done stratedically won’t effect strength much).

Buy used

I’ve had great luck buying used and it has allowed me to buy a lot more unicycle than I would otherwise have been able to afford. The trading post on this forum is a great source, though it’s a little quiet right now. Ebay’s a possibility, and you can search all of Craigslist and usually find someone who’s receptive to shipping. I notice Seattle’s Craigslist has a 24" Torker with a “BMX tire” for $95.

We looked at some trails close by an we tried it out on my uni since she still is worried about the lx not being able to handle going over the drops +3ins. She said she’d pay a bit more if she could get a uni that could handle everything she wanted to try. So besides the torker dx is there a cheaper uni thats just as good. If not its between this and the nimbus.

Unless she’s very heavy she doesn’t need to worry about that. I rode a 20" lx for a while and I routinely rode it off 2-3 foot drops and never broke anything on the uni. I weighed about 120 lbs at the time. A 24" might have a slightly weaker wheel but probably not much.

I did the same thing with my torker unistar 20 lx, but I weigh 180 lbs, and eventually the one crank started to bend. So I upgraded to a real uni and kept the unistar intact so I could lend it to other people.

Okay she said thanks for all the help an that she’ll stick with the lx

3" is nothing to worry sbout. 3’ is. I think u misread something or what u read was a typo.

Yea she reads the tag too and since I have the account she just tell me what to type. She musta misread the 2’ for 2"