beginner-standing on pedals

After 8 hours I’m making some progress but I can’t get rid of a bad habit. Soon as I start pedaling I’m putting most of my weight on the pedals and not on the seat. It makes for a good workout but I know I should not be doing that and hard as I try I’m still doing it.
Does anyone know any “tricks” to getting out of that habit, aside from just concentrating on it?

Ok, I’ll be the first one to say it, the trick is… practice:D.

You already know you have to get your weight in the seat so it WILL happen, it just takes a bit of time and more of the practice thing.

But maybe someone with more experience than I (only about 10 months so I do remember jelly legs from standing on the pedals) has some clever tips.

Conciously put your weight on the seat. Say to yourself, my weight is on the seat. Then do it. Eventually it will just come naturally.

The only way to acheive this is to RELAX while riding!
Your legs will not have as much weight on them, and your weight will automatically shift to the seat!
Try not to think about what you are doing, just ride and try to think about the beach, or something relaxing!

Think about settling into the seat and only lightly riding your feet on the pedals as they go around. The pedals should go around almost without effort. It should feel more like one of the reclined bike exercise machines where you are sitting in a seat and your legs are up in front of you turning the pedals.

Have fun and keep at it.

You’ve probably already checked this but be sure your seat is set high enough. There should be very little bend in your knee at the bottom of the pedal stroke.