Beginner buying - Saddle question

So I’m buying a Nimbus 24’’ MUni and I was wondering if I should get it with the standard gel saddle or add the kris holm freeride saddle
help ples?
thanks :smiley:

They’re both pretty good. There is a little bit more padding on the KH, and it has a groove cut down the middle. The KH cover is tied on so that it’s easier to remove and put back on if you want to customize the padding. Aside from that, they’re similar.

I think there is a new version of the KH saddle out, but I’m not sure if you can buy it yet.

Do a search. There are lots of threads on this.

Definitely go with the KH (see my review in the review forum). The KH saddle has eliminated pain for me, for the riding I do. Also, your title mentions that you are a beginner. I just purchased the Nimbus 24 Muni (for my son). I’ve been riding it a lot this week, and it is MUCH harder for me to ride than my 24" Nimbus II. The extra weight just makes it harder to do everything. I’ve only been riding since February and I’m old (49), so keep that in mind. I’m sure that the weight is no big deal for experienced unicyclists, but for right now I’m most definitely keeping my Nimbus II (with KH saddle, 145mm cranks, and Kenda K rad 2.3 tire).

There is nothing wrong with the 09 gel saddle that comes with it but I would definitely upgrade to the Fusion freeride if it was me. It is much cheaper to pay fifteen more dollars initially than to spend another sixty on a Fusion freeride and have the gel seat left over if you upgrade later.